Extraordinary elections in Serbia 2023: Bid to restore tycoons' rule in Serbia?

Analysts contend that a faction of opposition political parties in Serbia is funded by tycoons, while another segment secures financing from foreign centres of power. Through such means, they seek to regain lost influence and reclaim dominion over Serbia. Substantial resources are at their disposal for this endeavour, united by a shared interest in overthrowing Aleksandar Vučić from power.


Darfur Identity Crisis: Islam, Tribalism, Ethnology and Politics-the Ongoing Process of Genocide

The war of Khartoum in Darfur and in the border areas, manifest the rifts in Sudanese society: Arabs vs. Africans, center vs. periphery, and between Muslims on the one hand and Christians and those with traditional African religions on the other.


The 'Karić Model' for Shared Prosperity

My most genuine aspiration is to witness the implementation of the ‘Karić Model for Shared Prosperity’ first in Kosovo, restoring peace to its residents of all nationalities, creating economic, legal and organizational conditions for work and economic activities, establishing necessary order, and thereby creating the prerequisites for a shared life and creation!


Extraordinary elections in Serbia 2023: Domestic and foreign factors vying for influence

Excessive involvement of foreign factors provokes constant turbulence and instability in Serbia. Certain political leaders within the Serbian opposition make no effort to conceal their ties with foreign actors. Despite Serbia's declared military neutrality, a faction within the Serbian opposition favours Serbia's NATO membership and advocates for imposing sanctions on Russia. The foreign stakeholders play a pivotal role in Kosovo, particularly through the KFOR mission...


Israel-Palestine Conflagration – Part II

The two-state solution has been aired again, no less by the new UK Foreign Secretary, Lord David Cameron, picking up the peace message said earlier. He is aware that it will take time but it has to start some time, and the sooner the better, and there have to be people on the body that are prepared to put in the hard work to make it happen to the satisfaction of all parties, especially the Palestinians and Israelis


The AI and (Global South) multilateralism

The international community should rather energetically and urgently work on a new social contract to tackle new technologies and their disruptive potentials. It is particularly related to artificial intelligence (AI) that must be deployed safely and in conformity with a globally shared ethical standard.


After the Local Elections in Greece 2023: The Loss of Athens and Thessaloniki Shakes the Dominance of New Democracy

Kasselakis represents the most recent development in Greek politics. The emergence of a new figure on the Greek political stage, who also identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, has somewhat disrupted the equilibrium among political parties. However, it’s PASOK that is now awash with euphoria, fuelled by the prospect of wielding significant influence in the two largest cities starting 1 January 2024.


Israel - Hamas 2023: What will the Gaza Strip look like the day after the war?

The defeat that Israel suffered on 7 October 2023, must serve as an impetus and a catalyst for a return to the negotiation table with the aim of achieving a comprehensive peace agreement that would enable the Israeli and Palestinian people to coexist. Such an outcome would constitute another historical victory for Israel, notwithstanding the bitterness of the current military defeat


Serbia – Kosovo 2023: The disinformation war

Tensions in Kosovo are expected to escalate, with the possibility of a renewed armed conflict, but this time potentially resulting in graver consequences. The United States and NATO/KFOR must be prepared to prevent any such new armed conflict in the region. In this regard, the role of international community policies is vital, necessitating a more sensitive and pragmatic approach to the Kosovo issue.


Myanmar’s Spring Revolution and the China’s 1911 Revolution – Comparing and Contrasting Its Aftermaths

Crucially, the NUG in Myanmar has political popularity but lacks military force with which to fight against the brutal Tatmadaw alone. It has little choice but to coordinate with various Ethnic Armed Organizations, which acknowledge the leadership status of NUG nominally, but overwhelmingly have their own political ambitions. It is thus worrying that the Tatmadaw will either tighten its control over Myanmar’s civilians, or Myanmar will enter into a period of struggle between warlords.


The Israel – Palestinian Conflagration

We don’t yet know the outcome of this war, but end it will. If Netanyahu, who is under investigation by the Israeli Supreme Court for financial irregularities, is allowed to keep his West Bank incursions and half the Gaza strip with a measure of control over the southern half, and Hamas is ruined, he will probably consider the war a victory albeit a painful one for thousands of people, mostly Palestinians. One feels for the Palestinian people, treated in a similar way like many indigenous peoples.


Kosovo 2023: Is "Serbian resistance" feasible in Kosovo?

Dangerous ideas and intentions regarding the unification of ALB and Kosovo could trigger a chain reaction in the region and incite new conflicts.The path to securing peace and stability in KOS hinges upon the comprehensive implementation of previously signed agreements and reached accords. The Kosovo government is taking advantage of the armed incident in Banjska as an opportunity to evade its obligations under the Brussels Agreement regarding the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities...