The Israeli – Palestine Conflict

To finish on a pleasant note. There is a mixed community of about 500 people, Israels and Palestinians, living in perfect harmony, in a location half way between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It is called the Oasis of Peace. PEACE! What most people want, if given a chance.


Towards the WTO 13th Ministerial (Fisheries) in Abu Dhabi

As the numerous previous studies of the IFIMES Institute has clearly shown, the eagerness to shift towards sustainable practices is evident. However, upon examining the Agreement, there seems to be a hesitancy among states to take the plunge (no pun intended). The measures implemented to address IUU fishing and the depletion of overfished stocks are commendable, yet they will need to be more stringent for substantial and lasting positive changes.


Serbia, youth, and the EU

With Ukraine and Moldova beginning negotiations with the EU and Georgia being granted candidate status, I see no obstacles for Western Balkan countries to become EU members. This would undoubtedly be a win-win situation for all involved and reaffirm our European identity.


Beyond Humanitarian aid: Predicting Taliban’s initiatives to stabilise Afghanistan’s economy for 2024-25

In 2024-25, the authors predict no drastic change to Afghanistan’s economy. It continues to remain fragile. However, if the Taliban are able to rally the support of small to medium private enterprises, business houses (irrespective of their loyalties to the Taliban), some respite to the economy may be achieved. Furthermore, any decision to re-structure or re-activate Da Afghanistan Bank with the help of private entities, may garner positive support.


Russian Presidential Election: A Referendum on Putin’s Leadership

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power”, pronounced the United States. “Putin’s day will surely be numbered. He’ll lose power and he won’t get to choose his successor,” prophesized the United Kingdom. Having proclaimed the Lord’s name in vain, the duo’s avowals have anything but taken hold of reality, one that portends a very different outcome.


Middle Corridor: Eurasia Optimized

Ideologists and advocates of the Middle Corridor push the idea that it is relevant due to the actions of Moscow in Ukraine, which allegedly interrupted the supply chains through the territory of Russia and Belarus from China to Europe. It would be wrong to associate the investments in the alternative route only with war and sanctions. Every local or external actor has its own interest – political, strategic, security and economic, short-mid and long term.


Never fit for the split: Korean peninsula in 2024 - Forecast

The new US president would have to make a major shift in Washington’s North Korea policy, away from a deterrence-centered strategy toward one prioritizing engagement, the resumption of diplomacy, and arms control instead of denuclearization. North Korea will remain uninterested in diplomacy as long as the US’ current policy remains unchanged. The same is true for its stance toward South Korea.


Israel – ICJ 2024: Israel before the International Court of Justice

According to international law experts, proving "genocidal intent" and conflating war crimes with genocide are the most significant challenges in this case. For now, the ICJ lacks concrete evidence other than dozens of statements made by Israeli officials expressing intent to commit genocide. Without these statements, it's unlikely the lawsuit would have reached this stage, and Israel might not have taken this issue so seriously.


The Year Ahead

If the Americans put pressure on the Israeli government to halt by a certain date, soon, and work diligently with a positive Israeli government, altered from that of today, there is a chance to make peace work. Biden is seeking re-election against ‘the Donald’ and losing badly in the polls, puzzling though it may be. Unfortunately, he does not show willingness to take a harder line which is necessary. If he does show some firmness, then he would surely gain some kudos.


Regional ambitions through trade? Tracing Kazakhstan’s Aspirations from a Taliban-ruled government in Afghanistan

By engaging with a very volatile state with a fragile economy under the control of the radical Islamist group Taliban in a tussle for power against the struggling, yet lethal, ISKP, the spill-over effect not only poses a serious risk to Kazakhstan’s domestic security, but to the region as a whole. That said, tracing the trajectory, Astana could potentially involve neighbouring Central Asian economies, in the first half of 2024...


African Century? Afro-Asian Infrastructure and Transport Corridors

The clash between the blocs resulting from the “fragmented Third World War” will result in a decrease in foreign investments and their concentration within national boundaries; “nationalism” and “national interest” are part of an era of scarcity. The likelihood that the African Century will remain largely incomplete is significant and real.


Ukraine 2023: Who lost the battle, and who will win the great war?

If Russia continues to stand firm, every defeat in each war-torn village on the periphery of the former USSR will be perceived as a direct defeat for the United States, which is a catastrophe in itself. For years, the U.S. has governed the world primarily through fear and the myth of invincibility. If this prevailing myth and fear disappear, Washington could fall into the hands of barbarians much faster than Rome fell to the Visigoths.