Ukraine 2022: Russia's nuclear sabre-rattling

Analysts believe that Türkiye's diplomacy should be joined by another two non-aligned countries - Qatar and Serbia. In the past Qatar's diplomacy has proven capable of reaching politically impossible agreements, such as the historical Doha agreement of between the US and the Taliban on the withdrawal of foreign troops concluded on February 29, 2020. With the “Open Balkan” initiative developed for the past three years Serbia has managed to bring together some of the states in the region.


Putin’s war – cont’d

Ukraine won’t stop its endeavours as it has slowly been taking its land back, gaining territory, particularly in Donetsk and latterly towards Kherson. They rightly believe that the land is Ukrainian and not Russian. In the past few days, the Ukrainians have been making steady progress, which has led to the pronouncement again that Russia will take all the land within the four provincial boundaries, which it has illegally claimed, as the “successful’” outcome of the special military operation.


Open Balkan 2022: A Crisis Response Tool – Winter 2022/23

Analysts believe that Open Balkan can be a crisis response tool that can help the region face and overcome crises together. Therefore, it is important to establish institutional and functional mechanisms required for an effective response. The upcoming winter will be a challenge and a test.


2022 General Elections in BiH: Can the Voters Beat the Media, Religious Communities and Foreign Influence?

The elections will be a test for the three existing regimes in BiH. The election campaign has confirmed that specific media outlets have a rather negative role, as well as that instead of dealing with their spiritual mission the Serb Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church and Islamic Community are primarily engaged in petty-politics and servicing of political parties, thus representing a symbiosis of politics and religion. The results of general elections can mean a beginning of a new era in BiH.


2022 General Elections in BiH: Political changes are required, but are they possible?

Progress in multiethnic societies is inconceivable as long as there is a practice to vote for the candidate who is a member of “one’s own” ethnic community regardless of his or her “profile”, and not to vote for respectable, competent and capable candidates who instill trust and who will work for the benefit of all citizens regardless of their ethnic affiliation. Nevertheless, political changes are possible in a civilized way and with a pen in the hand.


2022 North Macedonia: Country’s Future is Laid Out

Analysts believe that Zoran Zaev, until recently prime minister, had laid out the path of the Republic of North Macedonia for the future. Dreams of generations of Macedonians and other Macedonian citizens have become a reality, because for the first time in modern history North Macedonia celebrates its Independence Day with its strategic goals fulfilled. The process of democratization and progress of North Macedonia is unstoppable.


Putin’s War, Extended

One other point of speculation is what happens if and when Putin goes. Is there a Russia to deal with that is not completely under the control of acolytes brainwashed with Putin thoughts of Russian entitlement. It will be difficult to deal with a country absorbed in thinking of their past, when there are more critical world issues of concern, such as climate. Russia, which controls a very significant part of the globe, must join in with the solutions


President Biden’s Visit to Saudi Arabia: Saudi-US Relations in Freefall

Biden showed his intention to revise Trump’s Middle East policy on both the US presidential campaign trail and at the start of his presidency. However, evidence suggests that Trump’s policy has gradually taken root. In addition, the geopolitical situation has changed drastically. Therefore, it is difficult for Biden to simply act as he wants, and even if he did, the results would not seem effective either


Anti-Americanism and Russian propaganda in Greece

Geographically speaking, the Russia has mainly penetrated Northern Greece. Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli are the spearhead of Russian infiltration that finances, invests and develops cultural – religious associations. In particular, Alexandroupolis was recently twinned with Sosnovy Bor (2011), Saint Petersburg (2016) and Symferopol – Crimea (2016).


Increase support for the crucial phase of the war

Will there be a halt to the war, called by Putin? Will the Ukrainians agree? Not likely unless they recover all or most of their territory. What will the European Union position be, particularly from those countries that with winter approaching are hurting economically, particularly from lack of fuel for heating. The next phase of the war is crucial.


2022 Serbia: Strengthening of foreign policy and affirmation of international status

The Serbian foreign policy concept is based on a quadrilateral including EU - USA – China - Russia +Nonalignment Movement. EU requests of Serbia to harmonize, that is subject its foreign policy to the EU, while there are no signs, let alone guarantees, that there will be any enlargement of the EU or that Serbia will become a full-fledged EU member


2022 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Christian Schmidt vs. High Representative (OHR)?

This is definitely an attempt to incorporate institutionally in the system of Bosnia and Herzegovina the poorest experiences from Ukraine and Lebanon, although as a country BiH aspires to become a full-fledged member of the European Union. What needs to be done is to apply in Bosnia and Herzegovina constitutional and legal solutions, and consequently election legislation, that is in line with the standards and the acquis communautaire of the EU- and nothing more.