2023 Parliamentary Elections in Bulgaria: Between Brussels (Berlin) and Moscow

Bulgaria is trying to find a new balance between its obligations towards NATO and the traditional sympathies for Russia. As a NATO member, Bulgaria is responsible for a 354 kilometer-long eastern border of the NATO alliance. The border on the Black Sear is less than 500 kilometers away from Crimea and directly neighbors with the area controlled by the Russian Black Sea fleet and the Russian air force. As Bulgaria has the obligation to control Russian military activities at the Black Sea...


Iran 2023: Iran at the doorstep of the nuclear club?

Today we have to reckon with a nuclear Iran. Is coexistence with it at the regional and international level possible? If not, what are the options to address that issue? Would it be possible to launch an Israel-US attack to paralyze the nuclear program? What consequences and results could stem from Iran’s response to such an attack?


Global South engagement for peace in Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine are preparing for a spring offensive with higher levels of military involvement. Spill-over into the region has been avoided so far. It is not excluded that intensifying conflict or a costly prolonged stalemate can lead to escalation and actively involve NATO or one of the front-line states with Ukraine.


Montenegro 2023: Deciding between the past and the future

The incumbent President Milo Đukanović is expected to win the most votes in the first round. Andrija Mandić, Aleksa Bečić and Jakov Milatović are competing for the second place in the first round. If Aleksa Bečić or Jakov Milatović make it to the second round, it is highly probably that they will defeat Milo Đukanović, while Andrija Mandić has a much weaker capacity to gather other parties in a coalition and to ensure wider support in the second round.


2023 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Who undermines fragile peace in BiH?

In addition to HR Schmidt and a part of US administration, the EUSR in BiH Sattler also has a very negative role because he allows the legal paralysis of BiH.Furthermore, he also played a role in the non-incorporation of final and binding judgments of the ICTY into the legal system of BiH and official records of BiH, which was directly blocked by the HDZBiH and Čović.Non-incorporation of final and binding judgments is directly related to the non-implementation of the “Inzko’s law” on denial of genocide


Public Policy Representation: Increasing Women's Political Representation in Oman

Although women obtained the right to vote and run in elections in Oman in 1994, their presence in the political arena is almost non-existent, and women's political representation in power is one of the lowest ten countries in the world. Therefore, the paper created several alternatives to confront this problem: Allowing the formation of political parties and civil society organisations, changing the electoral system, setting a quota for political representation of women...


Putin’s War in the Context of World Meetings

To return to the war, it will most likely not be a short engagement but at least last till the latter part of the year. If the war drags on and Russia is seen to lose ground, will Putin survive, if he is still around? Watch and see.


Resetting science collaboration to avoid ecological disaster and ensure new opportunities for peace building in the South China Sea

Geopolitics is always at play in the contested South China Sea. While the Biden administration has called managing America’s relationship with Beijing “the biggest geopolitical test of the 21st century”, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) and the Ocean University of China (OUC) have been engaged in promoting research collaborations in deep-ocean and coastal regions in a changing climate


2023 Ukraine: Is the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war in sight?

Analysts believe that the American administration expects to reach a critical point in this war when the Russians and Ukrainians realize that there is no winner, and when the Russians are ready to negotiate and not escalate, as well as when the Ukrainians are ready to accept what is offered and possible, and not what they want or deserve. Then the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war will be in sight.


United Arab Emirates continues its policy of modernizing intelligence services

We notice a strengthening of the relations with intelligence services of other states, notably Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, USA and maintaining good relations with correspondent services of countries such as Egypt, Russia, China and other. In the development of the intelligence services activities, UAE hire experts among the specialists in the field from other countries, especially retirees in states like USA, Great Britain and other who are enticed with attractive salaries


2023 Serbia-Kosovo: Normalization of Relations - Imperative

Analysts believe that if the aim is to normalize relations between the official Belgrade and Pristina, which would provide for an enduring peace and long-term stability, it is necessary to involve in the process not just the five EU and NATO members that had not recognized Kosovo, but also Russia and China, as without their engagement the normalization of relations would be only partial and temporary


Davos 2023: World Economic Forum from great reset to great fragmentation

The war in Ukraine was triggered by Russia’s error in judgement with regard to the domestic situation in Ukraine and its bet on a pale reaction of the European Union and the US. The conflict in Ukraine is more than a political conflict, is more than a conflict dominated by economic interests and, at a deeper level it has anthropological dimensions.