The Biden administration and Lebanon: Keep up the pressure

It remains to be seen if these sanctions and other punitive measures by the United States and the EU can slow the deterioration or stop the “Hezbollization” of Lebanon. But the West, led by the United States, cannot abandon Lebanon in pursuit of an elusive nuclear deal with Iran.


Vienna Process 2021: The EU trans-Atlantic relations and the global South

Clearly, the trans-Atlantic cooperation of Europe should not be exhausted with the north American continent only but should energetically include and involve the Caribbean and South America, too. Hence, the triangular symmetries would be viable and sustainable model for the future conduct.


2021 Serbia: New internal and external challenges

Analysts hold that it is necessary to continue the dialogue between the official Belgrade and Pristina and find a compromise solution without including new representatives, but also simultaneously work on the implementation of the already signed agreements- the Brussels and Washington agreements.


2021 North Macedonia: Is EU heading towards its next historical mistake?

. North Macedonia and the Western Balkans region need the assistance of US security-intelligence services to combat crime and corruption, just as after World War II various US agencies assisted Italy in its showdown with the mafia.


Armed Conflict in Northern Mozambique and Geopolitics of Gas

Cabo Delgado, once heartland of the Mozambican national liberation struggle, is turning into an epicenter of conflict and instability, which threatens neighboring countries and regional stability. Armed conflict with Jihadist extremists is exacerbated by privatized security forces and a lack of tangible regional solidarity and security coordination.


Vienna Process 2021: Re-visiting and Re-thinking the Euro-MED

Although not new, the EURO-MED cooperation matter remains a distinguished area where the field of possibilities is immense, and where progress vis-à-vis this transregional collaboration would tremendously impact all involved parties’ crisis management abilities. Thus, re-discussing EURO-MED with, if necessary, a novel overall geometry is rightfully referred to as a both compelling and heat-on point of the agenda by the conference panellists.


President of Malta at the Vienna Process 2021: No Europe without its Neighborhood

Congratulating to Vienna Process partners on their sustained work in promoting the cross-European dialogue and understanding, and especially to IFIMES for the role played by its Euro-Med branch headed by Ambassador Lamberto Zannier, Malta went even further. This important southern EU member state already expressed its wish to host one of the planned Vienna Process conferences on Europe and its neighbourhood in a due time.


French Senator Allizard attending the Vienna Process: Mediterranean – Theatre for future Europe

Excellency Pascal stated that the European Union must recognize realities of unresolved conflicts that are interwoven, as well as to understand the new challenges that can threaten the very fabrics of the Union: security, demography, unregulated immigration. If not equal to these challenges, the universalist European model might lose its grounds beyond point of return – warned Senator.


2021 Elections in Albania: Edi Rama's political capitulation?

The elections have to be transparent, fair and just, that is without purchase of votes and “black fund” votes, secured through dirty money from the drug business. After the departure of Nikola Gruevski (VMRO-DPMNE), Hashim Thaci (PDK), Milo Đukanović (DPS), Bojko Borisov (Gerb), finally the time has come for the political capitulation of Edi Rama.


Iran 2021: Opportunities and threats of Iran’s return to 2015 nuclear deal

The US administration is anxiously awaiting changes resulting from Iran’s presidential elections in June 2021 and any possibility that the future president would come from the ranks of conservatives, who have controlled Iranian parliament since 2020 parliamentary elections. This possibility is quite realistic.


2021 Elections in Albania: Citizens against Mafia/Zgjedhjet në Shqipëri 2021: Qytetarët kundër mafies

Analysts ask why is Albania the poorest country in Europe when it has extraordinary potential for development and prosperity. The answer lies in irresponsible political elites, which had not managed to build a general social consensus without which there can be no progress of any state.