Is democratic leadership as it should be?

Tthe Taliban have no track record of governing a country, particularly not one as complex as Afghanistan. They would have to greatly modify their approach to life, separate religious from secular. I have my doubts; once more the Northern Alliance will get together and the country will lapse into civil war. Will the Chinese see an opportunity and risk what others have failed to do? My heart goes out to the people of Afghanistan.


IFIMES Analysis of China's “Belt and Road” Initiative: Genesis and Development

Dr Maria Smotrytska emphasizes the importance of the initiative and its contribution to the cohesion of the countries of the 3 main continents (Asia, Europe, Africa) and the disclosure of their economic potential.


Europe is entrapped

The whole planet is endangered by uncontrolled globalisation and Europe is fixed between the Eastern, the Western and the Southern destructive tsunamis. They are not confronted between each other, yet they act synergistically. After Europe, the whole North Hemisphere will be in the firing line thereof.


What have we learnt in the past century?

The world is changing; almost two thirds of its population already live in Asia and there is a shift in the ethnic balance. The UN's is more important than ever; it has disappointed in not getting involved in a positive and robust way in certain disputes where a form of genocide has taken place, but they are constrained by their remit. Perhaps it requires a change of location from NY to reflect the changing population distribution and a time to review their raison d’etre.


The Nuclear future of East Asia

If Japan, South Korea and Taiwan ever choose to go nuclear, a common mechanism could be established to ensure that these states would pursue a minimum to limited deterrence capability that do not endanger each other’s security but rather to strengthen it, which would help minimizing the destabilization brought to regional security while constituting a more balanced situation with nuclear-armed rivalries.


Stabilization and digital dialogue for Myanmar – stepping back from the brink of civil war

International friends of Myanmar and ASEAN states are well placed to provide critical support, in line with ASEAN commitments. Civic digital dialogue could also boost human capital for addressing longer-term challenges, including the impact of climate change and the Pandemic.


2021 Serbia: "Conflict" of two constitutional concepts

According to analysts, it will be necessary to device an inventive solution for the “conflict” of two constitutional concepts, which will be based on further implementation of European values, strict respect of the rule of law and recognition of the achievements and success of Serbian policy in the past few years.


2021 North Macedonia: Morally humiliated and disgraced EU

Analysts believe that the EU is morally humiliated and disgraced, because it had allowed Boyko Borisov, a former bodyguard of a communist dictator Todor Zhivkov and until recently Bulgarian Prime Minister, to block the beginning of talks between North Macedonia (and Albania) with the EU, as well as the overall enlargement process.


Modern-day Information Warfare and Hybrid War Operations

This article provides a detailed description of the main forms, schemes, elements of modern-day information operations dating back to Panama Papers 2016; using the examples of New York Times publications (24.05.2019) and Wall Street Journal publications (3.06.2019) we demonstrate the types of information fake news stories and what they are intended for; using the examples of specific information operations (2020 Prague Incident with ricin...


Persona non grata without single fact or piece of evidence?

In truth, I have chosen the courtroom not just for full transparency, but furthermore to restore the honour and dignity of my family and myself. To restore them in front of millions of Albanians who have trusted and voted for me – more than anyone else in Albania, since the day of victory over communism to this day; as well as in front of my friends in the US, Europe and around the world, who have done so much for my country and the Albanian people.


Will the US - Russia arms control be continued after the Biden-Putin Geneva summit?

The article provides an analysis of the likely goals and positions of Russia and the US on nuclear arms control. The U.S. administration aims to reach an agreement with Russia to control all of the parties' nuclear arsenals, including non-strategic nuclear weapons (NSNW), as well as China's involvement in nuclear arms negotiations bilaterally or multilaterally in order to establish control over China's nuclear arsenal.


Biden-Putin summit, surprising or long-awaited/Samiti Biden-Putin, befasues apo i shumëpritur

This meeting will give an important message in the general conflict situation, will contribute to de-escalate the tensions through the establishment of open lines of communication between Washington and Moscow on important global security issues of interest to Russia and the United States, especially in the debate over the control of nuclear weapons.