Kosovo 2023: Is "Serbian resistance" feasible in Kosovo?

Dangerous ideas and intentions regarding the unification of ALB and Kosovo could trigger a chain reaction in the region and incite new conflicts.The path to securing peace and stability in KOS hinges upon the comprehensive implementation of previously signed agreements and reached accords. The Kosovo government is taking advantage of the armed incident in Banjska as an opportunity to evade its obligations under the Brussels Agreement regarding the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities...


Local Elections in Greece 2023: Will the newly elected president of SYRIZA succeed in breaking the dominance of New Democracy?

In recent decades, Greece has been governed effectively by the conservative New Democracy party, both at the central and local levels. This prompts the question of whether, after 2,000 years, it is possible for an open member of the LGBT community to ascend once more to the highest echelons of the Greek elite and executive power.


Western Balkans 2023: From the Thessaloniki Declaration to the Introduction of ETIAS

Analysts caution that with the implementation of ETIAS, the European Union is undermining the progress it made with the Thessaloniki Declaration, which had encouraged Western Balkan countries toward EU membership by clearly articulating their European perspective. The introduction of ETIAS, or electronic visas for entry into the EU, invalidates the enlargement process and contradicts the statements made by European officials, further eroding the already tainted reputation of the EU in the Western Balkans.


2023 World: BRICS – De-dollarization Summit

While the BRICS block can have significant influence, it will not be sufficient to make a revolution in the existing international relations. It is rather unlikely that the BRICS will shake the globalization trend or the US control in the current balance of power. Nevertheless, one must admit that the BRICS block is a first serious attempt in that direction.


Montenegro 2023: Is there an effort to establish an 'interim government' to enable the return of the DPS to power?

Analysts contend that it is important for Montenegro to promptly establish a robust, inclusive, and stable government, enjoying substantial support in parliament from at least 49 members. This government should continue its unrelenting campaign against organized crime and corruption, while uniting the political entities that dismantled the regime of Milo Djukanović and the DPS on 30 August 2020 and integrating minority parties into the governing framework.


Triangulation of Eurasia: The North-South Corridor Underreported but pivotal for Our Common Future

Why such IFIMES analyses do matter? “Geopolitics often follows laws of quantum mechanics: if we (only) analyze locality we lose a sight of a speed, if we focus on the speed we miss to understand interaction of the triggering protagonist/s. Center and periphery are relative (to say, reversible) to its speed and position” – as professor Anis H. Bajrektarevic vividly explains subtle interplays of events, (gravity of) theatres and its actors.


The 15th BRICS Summit – A New Step towards a Multipolar World?

Another emerging perspective after August 24, 2023, is that the West (probably with the exception of Germany) can no longer afford to ignore BRICS+ as an entity. In this context, the US will need to rethink its foreign policy regarding the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific region, as well as the future of bilateral cooperation with Algeria, Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, and India, especially in terms of continuing arrangements in the QUAD (India, Australia, Japan, USA)


Now and Tomorrow

As I was writing a section of a book on sustainable development, I was struck by two key thoughts. In the first place, I was reminded of the growth in population, which had taken place over the last 60 or so years, from 3 billion approximately to over 8 billion. However, had we continued the previous trajectory of growth the population today would be approximately 5 billion


2023 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Wagnerization of BiH Brčko District

Analysts believe that behind the scenes there is a fight for establishment of control over the BiH Brčko District. Security-wise, deployment of additional international military forces (NATO/EUFOR) in Bijeljina and Orašje is not sufficient for ensuring peace in the Brčko District. The District is a hotbed of Putinians. The ongoing fight for the Brčko District is about who will deploy their forces there first. Specifically, will it be NATO, that is Americans, or Dodik’s Wagnerians...


2023 Kosovo: Debacle of International Community in Kosovo

Analysts believe that the ball is now with the authorities in Pristina, which over the past weeks were strongly criticized by the US, and somewhat less by the EU. Kosovo, which has been under the patronage of the West since the nineties of the last century, does not show any signs of improvement of the situation, which can lead to the end of the romance between Kosovo and the West, as confirmed by the already introduced “mild” sanctions, which are a warning sign.


2023 Montenegro: Spajić's dual citizenship a serious problem for NATO?

NATO expressed concerns over the information that the President of the Europe Now Movement (PES) Milojko Spajić in addition to holding Montenegrin citizenship also has citizenship of the Republic of Serbia and has a place of residence in Belgrade. In the countries of developed democracy it is inconceivable that in addition to citizenship of their respective country top state officials also hold citizenship of some other country.


2023 Ukraine Crisis: Has the “Great Game” between the West and China already begun?

The last thing on China’s mind is a war with the US and an attack on Taiwan. It can draw lessons from the current Putin’s war in Ukraine, which has entered its seventeenth month without achieving strategic successes- conquering Ukraine, toppling of the Ukraine’s Government and installation of a puppet regime in Kiev that would be under the control of Russia. As a result of the Russian military invasion, Ukraine has moved closer to the West, while the cohesion within NATO has increased.