Putin’s War, world meetings, etc.

Putin will reappear if the present stalemate is favourable to him; otherwise he will let his generals run things, or appear to, so they can carry the blame if things go wrong. The end game is in sight, but don’t hold your breath!


2022 Western Balkans: Between Berlin Process and Open Balkan

Analysts warn that while the EU sets new conditions and criteria for membership, there are EU member countries that could not fully met the membership conditions set to Western Balkans. In the recent history, EU “turned a blind eye” in the case of Bulgaria and Rumania, as well as Croatia, when it granted them full-fledged membership. Another testimony of unprincipledness of the EU is the fact that in 2004 no less than 9.5 countries were coopted into the EU, as only half of Cyprus became a member.


2022 Presidential elections: Parting with Orban’s ‘values’?

The presidential elections are an opportunity for Slovenia to part with Orban’s “values”, which still constitute a real threat to Slovenia, and to elect a president who will be up to the task in changed and demanding geopolitical and international circumstances, that will result in a fundamental change in the global order. For the first time in the history of the young Slovenian state, a path has been created for Slovenia to elects its first female state president.


2022 Algeria- Challenges of energy security in Europe- Can Algeria be an alternative to Russia?

After the failure of the attempts to replace Russian gas using alternative producers such as Qatar, US and Azerbaijan, EU turned to Algeria as one of the largest exporters of natural gas in the world, as well as, because of its geographical proximity to Europe. Algeria could be one of the long-term solutions as it will actually not be able to replace the supply of Russian gas to Europe.


2022 Israel-Lebanon: Gas Agreement between Israel and Lebanon- A Model for Economic Cooperation without a Peace Agreement

After decades of controversies related to the natural gas fields in the sea, and the threats of war because of them, Lebanon and Israel have finally brokered an agreement on their maritime boarders. The agreement is described as historical. After almost two years of intensive trilateral negotiations between Israel and Lebanon, under US mediation, the three parties announced on 10 October 2022 that an agreement had been brokered on demarcation of “temporary” maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel ...


Changing Britain; can Sunak arrest the decline?

Rishi Sunak has just been chosen by a fair margin, the next Prime Minister, the first ethnic Asian Briton to be so elected, and we wish him well. His appointment comes after a considerable period of turmoil which has raised many eyebrows around the world. Britain is supposed to be the home of parliamentary democracy. It still is, despite the fractious behaviour, which has not been seen for some time. It was occasionally in the past, but there was nothing like the same level of media scrutiny.


2022 presidential election: In anticipation of a new momentum in Slovenian political arena

Logar should clearly distance himself from Janša and SDS Party which suffered plebiscitary defeat at recent parliamentary elections when the Freedom Movement won. Brglez should clearly distance himself from incumbent President Pahor and the SD party. Such distance would enable both candidates to win more favour among the general electorate, while for both of them as individuals this would be a political suicide. This situation suits best Pirc Musar, who is not backed by any political party.


Ukraine 2022: Russia's nuclear sabre-rattling

Analysts believe that Türkiye's diplomacy should be joined by another two non-aligned countries - Qatar and Serbia. In the past Qatar's diplomacy has proven capable of reaching politically impossible agreements, such as the historical Doha agreement of between the US and the Taliban on the withdrawal of foreign troops concluded on February 29, 2020. With the “Open Balkan” initiative developed for the past three years Serbia has managed to bring together some of the states in the region.


Putin’s war – cont’d

Ukraine won’t stop its endeavours as it has slowly been taking its land back, gaining territory, particularly in Donetsk and latterly towards Kherson. They rightly believe that the land is Ukrainian and not Russian. In the past few days, the Ukrainians have been making steady progress, which has led to the pronouncement again that Russia will take all the land within the four provincial boundaries, which it has illegally claimed, as the “successful’” outcome of the special military operation.


Open Balkan 2022: A Crisis Response Tool – Winter 2022/23

Analysts believe that Open Balkan can be a crisis response tool that can help the region face and overcome crises together. Therefore, it is important to establish institutional and functional mechanisms required for an effective response. The upcoming winter will be a challenge and a test.


2022 General Elections in BiH: Can the Voters Beat the Media, Religious Communities and Foreign Influence?

The elections will be a test for the three existing regimes in BiH. The election campaign has confirmed that specific media outlets have a rather negative role, as well as that instead of dealing with their spiritual mission the Serb Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church and Islamic Community are primarily engaged in petty-politics and servicing of political parties, thus representing a symbiosis of politics and religion. The results of general elections can mean a beginning of a new era in BiH.


2022 General Elections in BiH: Political changes are required, but are they possible?

Progress in multiethnic societies is inconceivable as long as there is a practice to vote for the candidate who is a member of “one’s own” ethnic community regardless of his or her “profile”, and not to vote for respectable, competent and capable candidates who instill trust and who will work for the benefit of all citizens regardless of their ethnic affiliation. Nevertheless, political changes are possible in a civilized way and with a pen in the hand.