Increase support for the crucial phase of the war

Will there be a halt to the war, called by Putin? Will the Ukrainians agree? Not likely unless they recover all or most of their territory. What will the European Union position be, particularly from those countries that with winter approaching are hurting economically, particularly from lack of fuel for heating. The next phase of the war is crucial.


2022 Serbia: Strengthening of foreign policy and affirmation of international status

The Serbian foreign policy concept is based on a quadrilateral including EU - USA – China - Russia +Nonalignment Movement. EU requests of Serbia to harmonize, that is subject its foreign policy to the EU, while there are no signs, let alone guarantees, that there will be any enlargement of the EU or that Serbia will become a full-fledged EU member


2022 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Christian Schmidt vs. High Representative (OHR)?

This is definitely an attempt to incorporate institutionally in the system of Bosnia and Herzegovina the poorest experiences from Ukraine and Lebanon, although as a country BiH aspires to become a full-fledged member of the European Union. What needs to be done is to apply in Bosnia and Herzegovina constitutional and legal solutions, and consequently election legislation, that is in line with the standards and the acquis communautaire of the EU- and nothing more.


Contemporary Saudi-Egyptian Relations: Challenges and Opportunities

Egypt's “very pragmatic” policy toward the Saudi regime, which aims to attract Gulf funds and investments into Egypt, especially at a time of financial affluence in the Kingdom and Saudi openness to Western countries in the economy, politics, culture, and the arts, also condones Saudi Arabia's clumsy policies toward Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and the Gaza Strip (up to most African and Asian countries). As a result of shared values and interests, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have a strong connection


2022 Open Balkan: The future belongs to the peoples of the Balkans

Analysts believe that if the peoples of the Balkans cooperate and focus on the future the future will belong to them. The credibility of the EU is at test in the Western Balkans and the EU is probably at its last chance to save the Western Balkan countries from the “grip” of Russia, China and Turkey.


Putin’s War and beyond

We are entering a new phase of the war with the west now finally awake to the threat posed by Russia, and whether the war will end fairly quickly or drag on for some time yet. Whatever, Ukraine will need all the help that it can get in the end-of-war negotiations and the rehabilitation and reconstruction that follows. Then, as President Joseph Biden reminded the NATO meeting the world will have to take note of China’s ambitions.


A Reluctant Chinese Dragon in West Asia: Evidence from Syria

Diplomatic and commercial ties between China and Syria have been established for decades. When Hui Liangyu visited Syria in 2009, he met President al-Assad. A statement from Assad to the Syrian people stated that China would work to improve mutually beneficial relations and partnership between the two countries in a variety of areas. According to the vice premier, China has had diplomatic relations with Syria for more than 50 years. In 1956, Syria became the first Middle Eastern country to recognize China.


Who is a primary winner in the emerging food crisis?

Now the West has to reconstruct a comprehensive approach to the Ukraine war, by overcoming its myopic attention to the military dimension.


Putin’s War – 5; etc.

The war in Ukraine, Putin’s war, is now over 100 days old and reaching a point of stalemate. One day the Russians have made small gains in the Donbas, the eastern border lands of Ukraine, and in the next day or so we hear that they have been stopped and pushed back. In the meantime, the promised more powerful armaments, with a bigger range, from Britain, the US and from some European countries, are coming on stream, albeit late and slowly, and these may, should push the Russians back.


The philosophy of the preamble to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (VCDR), alongside the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (VCCR), presents the very essence of diplomatic and consular law, as well as of diplomatic theory and practice. Both conventions were adopted and put into force 60 years ago – the VCDR in 1961 (61 signatories) and ratified in 1964 (192 ratifications), and the VCCR in 1963 (49 signatories) and ratified in 1967 (182 ratifications).


China – a political view

Putin says he was always concerned about having the defence alliance of NATO, which was only put into effect to counter Russian expansion at the end of WWII, against the border with Russia, and Ukraine, rightly fearful of their neighbour’s intentions, had made noises about joining NATO. NATO is now on high alert and other countries are likely to join – Sweden and Finland. Putin now has the very response he was hoping to avoid.


China's Economic Development: A Successful Model in the Rise of Nations

For the third-world nations whose economic development plans are still faltering, the Chinese experience in growth has served as guidance and a model of development that could flourish independently and without isolation. The Chinese economy, however, is predicted to overtake the United States as the world's largest economy in the following years and decades, despite several barriers and problems that may hamper its progress.