China – a political view

Putin says he was always concerned about having the defence alliance of NATO, which was only put into effect to counter Russian expansion at the end of WWII, against the border with Russia, and Ukraine, rightly fearful of their neighbour’s intentions, had made noises about joining NATO. NATO is now on high alert and other countries are likely to join – Sweden and Finland. Putin now has the very response he was hoping to avoid.


China's Economic Development: A Successful Model in the Rise of Nations

For the third-world nations whose economic development plans are still faltering, the Chinese experience in growth has served as guidance and a model of development that could flourish independently and without isolation. The Chinese economy, however, is predicted to overtake the United States as the world's largest economy in the following years and decades, despite several barriers and problems that may hamper its progress.


The Chinese Dragon in the Middle East: More Strategic Partnerships and Cooperation

China's Middle Eastern strategy is guided by an emphasis on economic cooperation. President Xi Jinping believes that boosting economic growth is the best approach to overcome obstacles. Growth is vital for everyone's well-being and dignity in order to end the conflict in the Middle East. It's a race against the clock and a battle of hope over despair. In order for young people to have hope in their hearts, they must be able to live their lives with dignity and fulfilment.


2022 Parliamentary elections: Slovenia between Brussels and Budapest

The announced political changes in Slovenia also open the possibility of repetition of “Trump's syndrome” in the transfer of authority. It is possible that the current government will not recognize the results of the elections and bring into question the legality and legitimacy of the election process and in such a way try to justify the defeat at the elections to its voters.


Recontextualization of Ukraine (Return of the Wir wussten nicht)

Why does the de-trivialization, de-psychologization, re-historization and re-contextualization matters today? Because, our further simplification breads binarization, and that is a road for escalation beyond the point of return. What is at stake are not anymore (only) principles, but our very survival.


Unmasking War Propaganda against Russian Aggression: An Investigative Approach

Inundated with propaganda and counter-propaganda both by the West and Russia day after day, both political leaders and the public in the West will suffer self-poisoning effect of the hyper-demonized image of Russia on making coolheaded policy analysis.


What Factors Affect Strategic Stability?

We should note that the proposals put forth by the Russian experts cannot be implemented without reciprocity from the West. Contacts between Russia and Western countries, both official (diplomats, the military) and unofficial (scientists, experts), have shrunk significantly in recent years. This can hardly contribute to better understanding between countries and progress in strengthening security and strategic stability, which all international actors are presumably interested in.


BiH Judiciary: How politics destroyed independence

Establishment of an independent regulator in the area of judiciary was one of the most important steps in the reform designed by the international community (OHR) in BiH, after a comprehensive analysis of the functioning of the judicial system


Europe: Of Status Qua and (Climate) Change

Climate change is all over the place across Europe and far beyond. Heatwaves have become more common in most parts of the world as a result of climate change, as have extreme rainfall occurrences, which in turn lead to flooding. Even if greenhouse gas emissions are dramatically decreased, global warming and associated changes in temperature, precipitation patterns, and sea levels are expected to persist throughout the twenty-first century.


Ukraine 2022: The war in Ukraine or “the special military operation in Ukraine”?

I think that under such complex circumstances, we have to position ourselves in such a way that we capitalize best our advantages, to stress our possibilities and prove loyalty towards the strategic partners, without neglecting the national interests. Politically, as it is the case in the military field, one should act rapidly, decisively and especially in a clever way.


2022 Serbia: Elections in the shadow of pressures, Ukraine crisis and Kosovo

Serbia is a key country in the region when it comes to preservation of stability and peace. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the possibility of outbreak of violence in the final phase of the election campaign by causing unrests on the very day of elections, with the aim of declaring elections illegitimate and illegal, thus invalid. It is necessary to ensure legality and regularity of the election process.


Putin’s War - 4

Like Hitler and Stalin before him, his close associates and underlings are afraid to tell him the truth and tell him only what he wants to know. The tremendous damage that he has caused to Kherson and Mariupol, for example, have earned him the branding of a ‘war criminal’. To be properly charged is a complicated and very lengthy process. It takes years to get someone to the courts in the Hague and it is likely that he will die before that.