2022 Ukraine: Ukraine in the third world war in pieces

One thing is certain: the war in Ukraine has changed many things; the cards on the table have been scrambled. By appealing the Russian leadership to direct military intervention in the dispute, they have crossed the Rubicon and have dragged the world, conscious of it or not, into unexplored scenarios whose nature, like the Owl of Minerva, will only be better understood with the passage of time.


2022 Ukraine: Is a new and different world order being created?

Analysts believe that only an agreement under the auspices of the Unites States and China can stop the Russian advance. The question is whether the US can exert pressure on President Zelensky. An agreement would require a compromise, and a compromise would reveal that the West had forced a democratically elected government of Ukraine to yield to the dictate of a powerful state, specifically Russia -just like Arthur Chamberlain did in Munich in 1938. However brutal it may sound, the history repeats itself?


Environmentally forced migrations in the European policy framework

Currently, in the European acquis, there is no specific instrument applicable to the facti species of climate migration. “Climate justice” consideration is also missing. One possible reason could be that the external dimension of the EU migration policy in the form of development cooperation, and humanitarian aid has been prioritized. Since it is implausible that climate migrants will be granted protection under the Geneva Convention at the international level, the EU should start acting autonomously.


Putin’s War - 3

NATO is largely controlled by the US military, naturally as they have the size under one government. The military that the US brings to the body outweighs what other EU nations + UK can muster. But there is the difficulty that the US President has a say in the use of US troops and therefore NATO’s issues are always partially dependent on the colour of the domestic political scene and how the president views his strength.


Ukraine as Biden’s Sacrificed Pawn: A Mismanagement under the Declining U.S. Hegemony

Evidently, the current Russia-Ukraine war has been consequent on the globalist mismanagement of the U.S. hegemonic decline in which President Biden has continually played a central role for more than a decade, in the geopolitical context that constrains the possible scope of outcomes. Nonetheless, what has triggered President Putin to commit the unspeakable act of aggression against Ukraine remains a mystery for years to come as other major wars in world history.


Putin’s War - 2

Putin did not agree with, resented, the western powers having a direct access to the Russian border if Ukraine in time joined the EU and later NATO, despite the latter being solely a defence alliance. He insisted that there should be formal agreement that Ukraine would not join, which was rejected. He unfortunately lives in the past, while the world is moving on at an accelerating pace. He is a dinosaur and just as dangerous.


Ukraine 2022: A Test for the EU and NATO

Milorad Dodik is ready to proclaim the independence of Republika Srbska and following the example of Donjeck and Lugansk ask Russia for help and protection. Now it has become clear that this is a part of a broader and coordinated project that is directly linked with the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. The Western policy has after the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 witnessed a collapse that has to be stopped now.


2022 Albania: "House of Freedom" vs. Drug cartel

Partial local elections are a kind of a battle between the opposition coalition “House of Freedom” and the drug-cartel, which has been ruling Albania for years already. The elections have to be transparent, free and fair, with no bribing of voters and purchases of votes from “black funds” made of dirty money from the drug-business.


Putin’s War

The Ukrainian people, who have to be applauded for their stand, are giving a strong resistance, something that Putin didn’t really expect. He is someone who likes to get his way and will be upset at rejection, which the Ukrainians are bound to do. What will Putin then do? He will be upset and lose his cool. Watch this space.


2022 Elections in Serbia: Yet another attempt of ‘assassination of Serbia’?

According to the public opinion polls the list of the Serb Progressive Party “Aleksandar Vučić–Together we can do everything” stands by far the biggest chances at the parliamentary elections. Due to the lowering of the election threshold to 3%, smaller political parties and parties of ethnic minorities also stand a chance to win mandates in the Parliament. As for the presidential elections, the favorite is the current President Vučić.


Handling the Ukraine Crisis: A Geopolitical Perspective

With the Ukraine crisis increasingly acute, there is growing danger of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, involving a significant possibility of escalating into a full-scale war between Russian and the NATO. At the core of the crisis is how to strike an agreement on durable geopolitical order to which Ukraine is central as a crucial strategic buffer between Europe and the Eurasia, or between a peninsula and a landmass. Thus, prescribing a geopolitical settlement is more necessary than ever.


After Merkel

Discussing issues after Merkel means discussing Angela Merkel herself. Not enigmatic, as it might look like, but still not fully comprehended and understood in all aspects of her zoon politikon. And what a politician she has been. The modest daughter of the humble German pastor managed to achieve what an old Roman saying advices: leave the party at its best and you would keep it in the best memory. And – sic – she will also be remembered by her best.