The role of Open society foundation in putting the justice system under the control of the Albanian socialist party through the judicial reform

For all these, it would be most necessary for the US Congress, the European Parliament, and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to investigate and prohibit by law the partisan political interventions of billionaire George Soros outside the US or at least in the former communist countries.


The Nonaligned Movement 60 years Later: Restless Asia seeking its pan-continental integration

Economic and demographic parts of Asia must be accorded by the new pan-continental setting. On the very institution setup, Asia can closely revisit the well-envisioned SAARC and ambitiously empowered ASEAN fora. By examining these two regional bodies, Asia will be able to find and calibrate the appropriate balance between widening and deeping of the security mandate of such future multilateral organization.


2021 Local Elections in North Macedonia: Elections with historic consequences

The upcoming local elections are an opportunity for continuation of changes in the Republic of North Macedonia, which begun with the establishment of the coalition government of the Republic of North Macedonia headed by Zoran Zaev (SDSM) on 31 May 2017.


The Western Balkans between democratic challenges and European aspirations: what role for the Council of Europe?

I believe that working together with the new US administration, which has placed emphasis on human rights and democracy, can achieve the expected effect in the Western Balkans and be a stimulus to the development of these societies with strong state institutions. Without strong institutions there is no strong state, and without that, there is no basis for the development of democracy and human rights in the true sense of the word.


2021 Local Elections in Kosovo: A sort of defeat of international community

While Vučić is fully rebranding Serbia, Kosovo has so far constantly regressed because of the irresponsible political elites, who held public offices and responsible positions but were always focused on their parochial interests and unlawful acquisition of wealth, not the interests of Kosovo.


2021 EU – Western Balkans Summit: EU credibility in Western Balkans undermined?

Analysts believe that EU leaders have to be aware of the fact that if they wish the peace project of the EU to be spread to the rest of Europe it needs to be implemented in the Western Balkans countries, because their membership in the EU would provide for enduring peace and long-term stability in countries of the region.


Afghanistan 2021: China's Reaction to the US Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan

China will not neglect Afghanistan, as it is a strategic region on the Silk Road and a major economic partner, since the meeting of the Chinese ambassador in Kandahar with the leader of the “Taliban” movement Mullah Omar in December 2000, Chinese investments in Afghanistan began to increase and multiply dramatically, there are more than 100 Chinese companies, all affiliated with the Communist Party in various fields in Afghanistan.


Decentralized energy supply systems of the EU

The Clean Energy Package and the goals it enshrines will also create many new jobs. Installations of megawatt solar farms on rooftops over agricultural land or between crops will provide additional revenue streams for farmers. The recycling of photovoltaic systems with a service life of 20-30 years will also offer a large, yet almost untapped, market with considerable potential. Experts expect up to 4 million new jobs to be created in the next 15-20 years.


Is democratic leadership as it should be?

Tthe Taliban have no track record of governing a country, particularly not one as complex as Afghanistan. They would have to greatly modify their approach to life, separate religious from secular. I have my doubts; once more the Northern Alliance will get together and the country will lapse into civil war. Will the Chinese see an opportunity and risk what others have failed to do? My heart goes out to the people of Afghanistan.


IFIMES Analysis of China's “Belt and Road” Initiative: Genesis and Development

Dr Maria Smotrytska emphasizes the importance of the initiative and its contribution to the cohesion of the countries of the 3 main continents (Asia, Europe, Africa) and the disclosure of their economic potential.


Europe is entrapped

The whole planet is endangered by uncontrolled globalisation and Europe is fixed between the Eastern, the Western and the Southern destructive tsunamis. They are not confronted between each other, yet they act synergistically. After Europe, the whole North Hemisphere will be in the firing line thereof.


What have we learnt in the past century?

The world is changing; almost two thirds of its population already live in Asia and there is a shift in the ethnic balance. The UN's is more important than ever; it has disappointed in not getting involved in a positive and robust way in certain disputes where a form of genocide has taken place, but they are constrained by their remit. Perhaps it requires a change of location from NY to reflect the changing population distribution and a time to review their raison d’etre.