Migration and displacement in the name of religion

● Sarah Taleb Al Souhail

Migration and displacement in the name of religion


Migration and displacement in the name of religion Human were known from the first inception, the way to immigrate and move from one place to another, searching for food and water sources, and searching for livelihood in the wide land of God, and it's a universal law of Allah which human was created on, which explains the natural movements of people and groups from one place to another both within the country or outside the borders of each state investigation for economic gains, scientific or even political.


But humanity itself known other types of forced migration in which some human beings forced to displacement from their homes either because of natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and others, or the result of human crimes such as wars and religious and political persecution and ethnic and others.


The human history recorded many tragedies committed by human beings in their compatriots under many justification, but was notably committed massacres and crimes against humanity under the pretext and cover of religious and pays the price of innocent people who are killed by sea, air and land.


With the proliferation of wars in the Arab region during the last five years of the third millennium AD, especially in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, and with the ignition wars, fires and terrorism, bloodshed and destroyed everything and everybody, many of the residents of these Arab countries forced to migration or displacement to save their lives after their homes destroyed and their markets and their agriculture and their trade.


What is currently happening in the Arab countries which are mixed with the meanings of immigration deportation, which we did not know it, according to the reality of living, but the forced displacement of Palestinians from their land when Israel.


Now what Iraq faces the forced displacement inside and outside the country, including tearing and ripping the heart of national unity.

Now, with a continuous flow of Syrian refugees on the borders of Europe to escape the destruction of the current war, the issue of deportation has become a crisis aching conscience of mankind in the East and the West and has become the focus of attention of researchers, which prompted me to look at the crisis of displacement experienced by many of the peoples and individuals in ancient times and modern.


The definition of Immigration 

Migration means the movement of a person or group of persons from their place of residence to another place in search of a livelihood or for a better life with the intention of staying in this new place for a long time and not travel or temporary visit, the structure, and the right of movement that is guaranteed to anyone under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Replacement in language


Immigrated to/ infinitive of migrated: but displacement in the recent Dictionary of Arabic Language, it's a singular word, feminine noun: [ singular] and the meaning of displacement in the recent Arabic Dictionary Language, means the expulsion of people from their homes and villages, or their country, what is known today forced displacement, refers to displacement by forced displacement.


The colonist replaced people from their lands:- He took him out from his country: Wars displaced the whole villages.


The displacement known as an associated practice with somewhat cleansing, intolerant towards ethnic or religious group against several groups in order to evacuate the territory of the State of the elite group of people or a particular category.


Causes of migration

There are many causes of migration according to the amount of the immigrants, but there are humanity common causes for migration:

1. Poverty: One of the main causes of migration, especially for those who are looking to move from third world countries to developed countries.
2. Dire economic conditions and widespread unemployment and famine.
3. Authoritarian rule arbitrary and political systems of oppression and lack of freedom and the fear of the ruling authority in these cases.
4. Religious extremism in some communities and the persecution of religious and sectarian minorities who took the growth and proliferation in many parts of the world, including some Arab countries, and carry out terrorist acts against minorities, which were the results migration of at least two-thirds of the Christian citizens of Iraq who are indigenous citizens in that country since thousands of years.
5. Racial and sectarian and religious discrimination practiced by some regimes and societies.
6. Ethnic cleansing, massacres and genocide, as happened in the years of the world wars in some countries, was hit entire peoples to forced displacement and emptied their towns and villages of the indigenous people who were displaced in all parts of the world.


Displacement in contemporary legal literature

Forced displacement here output of man from his homeland and expelled or transferred often meant a heavy force to distant places. The International Organization for Migration defined this type of migration  as an escape to get rid of persecution or armed conflicts, natural disasters and man-made, or environmental degradation, or any other status displays of human life, freedom and ways of livelihood in jeopardy.


It is under this kind of displacement.


The expulsion of Christians and the transfer of their towns and villages in southeast Turkey during World War I and it's aftermath, as received by Syria and gave them citizenship.


And the United Nations has announced that the number of forced migrants at the present time is higher than ever after the Second World War and the number has risen from 51 million to 60 million and the main cause is the war in Syria and Iraq.


International Organization for Refugees (UNHCR) has announced that 1 from all of 122 human is now one of refugees or internal homeless or an asylum seeker.


Let us take a look at examples and models of contemporary and other historical forced migration.


The migration of the Jews captivity

It is a displacement of the Jews in Babylonian and Assyrian eras oldest manifestations of forced displacement in human history, linked to the idea of deportation and exile and Diaspora Jews captivity, so they formed the core of the doctrine of personal diaspora Judaism over the centuries.


For the first Diaspora Jews began after the division of the unified kingdom led by Suleiman into two kingdoms, the northern one, with its capital of Samaria, and the other South and its capital Jerusalem (Some of which was written by one of the kings of the Assyrian State King Sennacherib ) and most of the history books and Inscriptions that found on mud and sheetrock, It stresses that the first presence of Jews in the land of ancient Iraq was in the sixth century BC, that's when the transfer of the Assyrians to ancient Assyria Iraq area Jews in the ancient land of Palestine in three successive campaigns against Israel and Judah were more than four hundred thousand people.


After the fall of the Assyrian state, and the advent of the Babylonian state, famous for the Jewish Babylonian captivity occurred at the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar II, the most famous kings of this state.


The Babylonian captivity of the Jews in two campaigns: the first in 597 BC and the second in the year 586 BC, signed the first when King Rebellion (Joakim), king of Judah (608-597q.m) to (Nebuchad nezzar), After he showed his obedience and undergoing the King Chaldean, waging a 'Nebuchadnezzar' the year 597 BC campaign (Joakim), and laid siege to Jerusalem, but the (Joakim) died during the siege succeeded by his son (Jehoiachin) who was forced to surrender Vsby 'Nebuchad nezzar 'All the Jews of Jerusalem and all the princes and all the mighty men of valor, and ten thousand boy and all the craftsmen and Alokien, not left anyone, also(Jehoiachin) and his mother and his wives and his men  were captured from Jerusalem to Babylon, and go out (Nebuchad nezzar) All cases (house of God) and the treasures of the king house and break all the vessels of gold, then locate the 'Sedekiah' uncle 'Jehoiachin' who confirmed his loyalty to the king, conqueror successor to Jehoiachin.


The second man captivity of the Jews in 586 BC, after it set aside 'Sedekiah' to the Pledge of Allegiance to 'Nebuchad nezzar' he came in about the year 589 BC, in alliance with the Syrian and Palestinian cities at the instigation of 'Hovra' king of Egypt, who was aspiring to regain control Egypt, Syria, Thus the situation 'Sedekiah' fate in Egypt and its allies became angry 'Nebuchad nezzar' outrage, this time by himself and came on top of a strong campaign to northern Syria and Askar in the 'calf' on the Orontes River, and that was the year 587 BC.


The king sent 'Nebuchad nezzar' of besieged Jerusalem, but the entry of 'Geoffra' king of Egypt to Palestine forced the Babylonians to lift the siege of the fight, Clean Jewish victory was their ally, but the Babylonians were able to repel the Egyptians and sent back on the back foot and then re-extend its siege on Jerusalem, on the spot.


It was not long until the outbreak of famine and perhaps the epidemic in the city, the Jews were forced to bow and surrender, entered the armies of the Babylonian city on the fourth day of the month of July in 586 BC, while the 'Sedekiah' fled, he and members of his family, but the Babylonians to caught up with him in the plains of Jericho, where caught him and carried him to a 'calf' camp, where the headquarters of King Nebuchad nezzar, there are slaughtered his children in front of his eyes, and then gouged out his eyes and took a shackled with the captives to Babylon, but Jerusalem was destroyed and completely destroyed  ( The House of the Lord), and the king's house and all the houses of Jerusalem, and all the great houses and looted safes and taken to Babylon, and estimated the preparation of the prisoners who had been led to Babylon to join the Jews the first of the captivity of about 50,000 people.


Migrations of the prophets and the righteous


The migrations of the prophets and apostles and righteous were the ideal immigration to spread.


Call unification and to keep the debt from the machinations and killed the prophets before their messages of their Lord. It is the most famous migration of Noah, Abraham, Lot, Saleh Mohammed, Moses, peace be upon them.


And migration in the history of the former prophets was caused by the threat of expulsion and exile as one of the forms of abuse that faced former prophets and their followers, and what is still the main reason when tyrants to hurt preachers, and still isolation or exile is the way of spoilers to keep reformers.


Noah when he got sick of tricks after he called his people day and night, secretly and openly, however, did not respond but became more insistent on infidelity and escape from the faith, was the ship that brought the faithful where he settled on Judi that God destroyed the unbelievers and drown them.


And subjected the father of the prophets Abraham Hebron, stoning and expulsion after he smashed the idols, and made several migrations of the first migration of his people after they were determined to liquidate and get rid of him and call the ugliest and most brutal, burn with fire, but God flipped over their tricks on them, and protected his Prophet from them, and make death and ill the fate of the world and the Hereafter them, God sais: [They said, “Burn him and support your gods – if you are to act* Allah said, “O fire, be coolness and safety upon Abraham* And they intended for him harm, but We made them the greatest losers *  And We delivered him and Lot to the land which We had blessed for the worlds * And We gave him Isaac and Jacob in addition, and all [of them] We made righteous * And We made them leaders guiding by Our command. And We inspired to them].

After reaching the end point in the intensity came relief and escape, and the consequence of good in this world and the hereafter God also said [And they intended for him a plan, but We made them the most debased * And [then] he said, “Indeed, I will go to [where I am ordered by] my Lord; He will guide me], then he mentioned God preaching Ishmael and what happened to him the story of the trials vision slaughtered, and how it passed the consequent good penalty, then the Annunciation Isaac, who preached the gospel in conjunction with Jacob as in another verse.


The Prophet Shuaib - peace be upon him - threatened directing from his people and his country, otherwise… (Said the eminent ones who were arrogant among his people, “We will surely evict you, O Shu’ayb, and those who have believed with you from our city, or you must return to our religion.” He said, “Even if we were unwilling) Al Araaf 88.


Lot - peace be upon him - either that ends up inviting people to the right or get out: (They said, “If you do not desist, O Lot, you will surely be of those evicted ) and  Lot didn't end, but he announced: (He said, “Indeed, I am, toward your deed, of those who detest it ) what it was only the output, arguing that they are people who purified : (But the answer of his people was not except that they said, “Expel the family of Lot from your city. Indeed, they are people who keep themselves pure) Al Naml 56, The revelation came Lot peace be upon him ordered immigration, leaving these rebellious village.


In the story of the young believers caveman designed the boys on immigration and the retirement of their people for fear of stoning or discord about religion: ([The youths said to one another], “And when you have withdrawn from them and that which they worship other than Allah , retreat to the cave. Your Lord will spread out for you of His mercy) Al Kahf 16, after they went to the cave and slept in it three hundred years, adding nine and then woke up did not forget what awaits them from the torment of their people if they found them: (Indeed, if they come to know of you, they will stone you or return you to their religion. And never would you succeed, then – ever) Al Kahf 20.


Demand for the migration of Mary Jesus peace be upon them to Egypt also it came, so that Jesus peace be upon him after he brought his mother from Bethlehem, is his birth to her village of Nasareth and God showed His miracles, the Strongman Hidroos had ordered the killing of the children born in Bethlehem, when told to them to become a reason for the destruction of his property, as he had done before him Alnmrod and Pharaoh, and learned that his mother wants to kill him he commissioned Saleh Yousef the carpenter men and smuggled into Egypt.


Mahammad Immigration


Muhammadiyah to the prophet Mohammed bin Abdullah from Mecca to Medina, the highest degrees of dishonest immigration the name of religion and to protect religion immigration form but published after it encountered hostility has a serious Quraish and stakeholders who were afraid of the influence of the Islamic religion Alwaleed on their trade and their gains worldly, as his supporters encountered all kinds brutal torture to Friedrichshafen for the religion of God and bring them back to paganism and ignorance.


Has intensified the torment that was practiced by the Quraysh against the most vulnerable of the faithful, and months brutal forms of torture Bilal Yasir stories and toxicity and their son, Ammar, who said about them Prophet Mohammad "Al Yasser be patient, that time, Paradise"


Was associated with torture faithful to the message of Muhammadiyah economic blockade deadly, when I felt the Quraysh their inability to stop the extension of the Islamic call in spite of all kinds of torment they practiced against Muslims, have resorted to the imposition of an economic blockade of the Bani Hashim and the Muslims deprive them of the basic necessities of life, and prevent them from contacting one of the Arab Muslims to live in isolated from the world, as the body of this document agreeing to write the paper that hung in the middle of Kaaba to deprive Muslims of the simplest human rights.


Under this document Muslims lived human tragedy until they threatened to eat the foliage of the severity of hunger, as this document prevented between Muslims and contact with Arabs in the few religious seasons, which suffocates the delivery of the Islamic Dawa Arab efforts and imposed on Muslims isolation and deprivation of any form of freedom and mobility and worship pure for God's sake the Generous.


These reasons and many others forced the Prophet Muhammad God bless him and ordered the Muslims to leave their homes and emigrate to Yathrib, 'Messenger of Allah City' and keep the story of the migration of the Prophet of Islam humanly lesson continued through the intervening dates in human life, especially when the Prophet came out in disguise for his enemies and the enemies of religion, accompanied by friend Abu Bakr and the story of their hiding in the cave to protect them from the chase the Quraishs, critics of the Prophet and kill him in order to eliminate the Islamic religion and brought him, meaning humanist, that confirms the owners of the principles of the prophets and apostles and humans truthful should stumble across the most types of harassment, persecution and pursuit under the pretext of protection of pagan gods, but in reality it was the persecution of political and economic name of religion to achieve economic and political, including the interests of Quraish maintain its leadership of the Arab tribes, and to maintain trade Winning that were taking place in Mecca seasons circling Kaaba.


In the era of Philip II and third in Spain 'Al Andalus', was the displacement of large numbers of Almorckyin Muslims and Jews, and the good of Muslims between incomes in the Catholic, and follow their habits in food appearance and lifestyle, or be subjected to torture, murder and forced displacement, and the confiscation of their property.


Although this forced migration are not indigenous to the children of the nation, but the colonists of migrants according to their classification by the people of Spain Christians.


The conquerors are religious point of view

Thus Europe was out of date before it pursues curriculum and humanitarian law, which guarantees human rights to choose his religion and doctrine and belief. When we'll get to this approach.


Nazism extermination of the Jews


At the end of the nineteenth century, the Nazis began to look to themselves as the highest human beings, after Germany's defeat in the First World War, reached a maximum of anti-Semitism.


Following the spiralling rise of the Nazi party, Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany in January 1933, and began to lay the foundations for the Nazi state in the light of the principles of racist and authoritarian.


German authorities began the elimination of Jews working in government agencies and state facilities through the Civil Service Law, was the province of Jewish shops, and more than 2000 version of the law and the decree against them.


It was tens of thousands of Jews imprisoned in concentration camps, which described the death camps, and imposed fines on them, and confiscated their property and possessions were destroyed, mostly.


The Jews began to emigrate from Germany in large numbers, and the Nazis deported Jews in areas under German control areas, and after the occupation of Poland in 1939, is no longer the displacement of three million Polish Jews possible, and led to a search for other plans to "solve the Jewish problem".


Jews were limited in their own places by the Germans, and signed under forced labor, starvation, operations and sometimes arbitrary executions, was the evacuation of entire areas of the Jews and raised slogans of "free of Jews".

In 1941 was the killing of large numbers of Jews, and began mass executions in the extermination camps in Poland, where it was six extermination or death camps, after the arrival of the camp did not expect that the detainee lived for more than 24 hours, and knew the Nazi genocide through operations extermination of the disabled and maimed who decided to exterminate them by injection, starvation, along with the launch of collective fire, so we came to the gas chambers and killed by carbon monoxide.


The tragedy of displacement of Palestinians


The crime of forced displacement of Palestinians from their land in 1948 at the hands of the Zionists, forced displacement of the worst crimes in modern history, where the Zionists in 1948 of committing massacres against the unarmed Palestinian people and expelled by force of arms residents of 530 towns and villages and seized their land. The Zionists committed more than 35 massacres to happen for them to seize Palestine.


Only 89 per cent "Israeli" files recently published that showed Palestinian villages were displaced it's family as a result of military action Zionism and abandoned the 10 per cent of the Palestinians because of the psychological war pursued by the enemy, "Israel" against the population of fomenting terror in them, and 1 percent of the folks decided to migrate willingly.


According to statistics of the Palestinian Return Centre, and according to "Israeli files" The number of villages depopulated because of the expulsion at the hands of Israeli forces 122 Village, and the abandonment of the population of 270 village because of the direct Israeli military offensive and 38 villages depopulated because of fear of an Israeli attack vector towards the villages and 49 village because the impact of the fall of the nearby city and 12 villages because of the psychological war and emigrated residents of six villages because of the optional exit. And 34 abandoned village for some unknown reason. Thus, in 1948 the number of villages depopulated 531 Palestinian villages. Palestinian refugees according to international laws is all Palestinians expelled from the place of normal residence in Palestine in 1948 or later, or went out for whatever reason did not allow him to "Israel" to return to his former homeland, and remains the refugee retains this capacity that goes back to his native.


Although the occurrence of wars and raids ground and air kit, despite the occupation and displacement, it is still 88 per cent of the Palestinians living on the historical land of Palestine and the border strip adjacent to Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and others are distributed between Europe and America and Arab countries as refugees and later became citizens.


The tragedy of Palestinian people continued in 59 camps officially live in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The camp, according to UNRWA's definition is' a piece of land be - either governmental or, in most cases hired by the host governments from local landlords - and put at the disposal of UNRWA aid to Palestinian refugees in facilitating their basic needs, and can not for the camp residents have this land, but have the right to take advantage of them habitable.


The advantage of the social and economic conditions of the camps are generally high population density, poverty and difficult living conditions, poor infrastructure like streets, malls and sewage networks level. UNRWA is responsible for providing the necessary services and supervision to ensure to the population of the camps by the Office of the existing services in the camp, but they let the responsibility for camp management and security of the host governments.


When signed a setback in 1967 were displaced Palestinians again, those displaced fired on them the term 'displaced' to distinguish them from itinerant 1948. The displaced refugees, so they carry double the recipe as a result of their displacement twice, it has been among the displaced people in 1967, a group of refugees who have resided in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip and were forced by the 1967 war to emigrate again.


The displacement of the people of Bosnia

Bosnian Muslims were subjected, the most terrible human tragedy, the worst ethnic cleansing in Europe process after the Second World War, where more than eight thousand Bosnians were killed in the genocide in the 'Srebrenica', in addition to the massacres, torture, and displacement experienced Bosnian cities, particularly the capital, Sarajevo.


And it began the Bosnian war's bloody, after Bosnia and Herzegovina's independence in a referendum organized in the period between February 29 and March 1, 1992, with the division of Yugoslavia, and continued fighting until 1995 and claimed of killing about 100 thousand people, mostly Bosnians, and suffered nearly 50 thousand women raped, and forced some two million people to leave their homes.


The displacement of Shiites continuing operations

Iraq's Shiites and faced several crimes of forced displacement. In 1969, the abandonment of the Baathist regime nearly 60 thousand Shiite from Iraq under the pretext of being Iranian, although they are Iraqi citizens have been displaced in the most horrendous image where confiscated their property and possessions. The first displacement campaign started in late April 1969 m in Kadhimiya, Baghdad and then on May 5 of that year included the displacement of Najaf and Samarra and Karbala campaign and a number of Iraqi cities and other cities.


In January 1971 began a campaign for a second displacement continued until 1975, where he abandoned in this period more than 100 thousand is home to the Iraqi Shiite Iran of various classes and circles on charges of belonging to an Iranian assets.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein deported and the displacement of a million Iraqis before the start of the Iran-Iraq war under the pretext they are Iranian dependency and learned, Iraq and the days of the Ottoman occupation Sunnis and Shiites which have dependency phrase Ottoman nationality, while the imposition of a certain category of the wrath of the Ottoman Empire, especially Kurds Faili can write on their nationalities is a dependency with Iran they did not know where Iran is already all of whom were born in Iraq and Iraqi nationality.


Saddam took advantage of this phrase and has deported a million Iraqi Shi'ite Iran after the confiscation of all their movable and immovable property, especially Shiites traders who were rounded up under the pretext of extending trade agencies in the Chamber of Commerce were arrested and deported.


And to displace the Shiites historical examples of the depth of the displacement of Shiites in the Ayyubi era. What happened to kill and invasion of privacy and the burning of libraries and mosques and the displacement of Shiites from Kufa in the Umayyad era, and in Yemen, led by the Besr  Ben Artoh During the reign of Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf.


But at the moment


Since the occupation of Iraq, Iraq had witnessed the Iraq sow strife and hatred among the Iraqi people processes which created enmity with them and spread the spirit of revenge when the terrorist attacks began rising gradually and peaked after the disaster Samarra bombings in Karbala and Najaf and the Shiite holy places, began the phenomenon of displacement between regions and classification of regions on a sectarian basis. And it increased in Shiite areas adjacent to areas of Sunni such as Tal Afar, which saw the forced displacement of the Shiites.


The infection moved to the capital Baghdad over the threat of murder and kidnapping for adults and children processes which led to the flight of people from their areas to safer areas. You can receive thousands of displaced people from the homes they lived in them since times long past even the number of displaced families has become documented according to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration of more than 35 thousand and 593 family.


What happened in Dujail and Spyker of terrorist operations have led to the displacement of populations and smuggled to different areas.


All of this is in the scheme, which has been preparing for it before the invasion of Iraq in 2003 the interest, and carried out systematically according to specific mechanisms.

Iraq to weaken the power and ease of control and fragmentation in preparation for split.


And I hope to heed the warnings and the Gulf Arab states, which saw and lived with the results of racism and sectarian and led him from the fragmentation of social and moral rift in the security of belonging and citizenship to prevail justice and equality among citizens of different sects and religious affiliation or ethnic background.


Security and stability based on justice and equality in rights and duties among the people and the persecution of a particular category will lead to results that do not have dire consequences.


The migration, which was forced upon the people of Medina by the Ottomans before 93 years was the aim of building a railway for Muslim pilgrims to Mecca and may the researcher Ahmed Amin guide, review of thousands of documents collected during the fifty years of historical testimony to the plight of 'Safarberlk'.


The researcher said on what this legacy mass displacement process through the Hijaz train while dispersed among families and theft and was buried a lot of manuscripts, instruments, gold and coins, were dragged and their wives and their children together or scattered to the Hijaz train carriages to be thrown randomly in Iraq and Turkey's social and family negative effects Jordan and Syria.


Armenian genocide and displacement


While the Ottoman authorities, decided in the May 27 / May of 1915, the displacement of Armenians living in war zones, and transferred to other areas within the territory of the Ottoman Empire.


The researchers estimated the number of Armenian victims between 1 million and 1.5 million people. Where he was accused of massacres in this Sultan Abdul Hamid II

And when one of the persons belonging to the Armenian Revolutionary Party (Tashenaq). The attempted assassination of the sultan in 1905 Sultan pretended to pardon him but on the other hand the impact of this incident, the subversion of the Young Turk movement in 1908 avenged other massacres, notably the massacre of Adana, which killed about 30,000 Armenians in Cilicia.


This displacement was not only cruel as a decision disarm thousands of families from their homes and their homes and their property, but has been in terrifying conditions and mountainous terrain and barren desert. It died about 75% of the displaced and leave the rest in the deserts of visible Sham.


Displacement of Circassians and Chechens


Ethnic cleansing of Circassians began almost. Before the end of the war in 1864 and completed in the seventies of the twentieth century. And the Russian government, represented by the Russian army may have forced the Circassians to leave their mountain villages that are called the mountainous due to their residence on the slopes, and took them to the ports of the Black Sea ships to take them sent by the Ottoman Empire to take them to their territory.


Where it is said that it was the Ottoman Empire sought after to send the ships to receive more Circassians help them. It wanted to use them as an attack against the Christian population during the Russian-Turkish war, which has accused the Ottoman Empire at the time the Armenians of siding with Russia.


But the Ottomans gave them the choice to emigrate to the Ottoman Empire or stay in Russia away from their land, and most of them chose to leave because of wars waged by the Russians on the Circassians and Chechens since the mid-eighteenth century and caused their killing and displacement and the ravages.


Where confirms Gen. Zeersman, and Prince Braatnski two of the leaders in the Russian saved their report in the Russian government archives: "Circassians have been uprooted during the valleys and foothills of the mountains to all the horrors of genocide, war and the types of violence and deprivation, hunger and disease.


The displacement of Christian of Mosul 


After the occupation of Iraq has worsened the situation of minorities in Iraq, including Christians and their churches to come under several attacks, it was the most violent ones that targeted churches in Baghdad and Mosul on August 3, 2004 which killed 15 and injured dozens. Also it resulted in the control of al-Qaeda on the parts of the city and the battle that followed in November 2004 to the displacement of large numbers of them out of the city. Also it has been targeted a number of Christian clergy, the exodus of Christians from Mosul to continue the Nineveh plain areas in the wake of these incidents.


The estimated human rights organizations, the total number of about 12,000 displaced people after a series of armed attacks on areas with Christianity density in the northern city of Mosul in 2008, these attacks have led to dozens of deaths and the displacement of most of the Christians from the northern city of Mosul to Christian villages in the Nineveh Plain and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


As the abandonment of the Christians of Mosul city in less than 48 hours after being imposed on them Daesh 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant' this deadline, and without taking anything, as extracted from them all their possessions before they leave the scene.


In the name of religion, seized the organization 'Daesh' self-styled caliphate in the region on June 10, 2014 on Mosul, Iraq's second city, escaped several thousand of the population, including the Christians of the city towards Kurdistan. And only to be returned after that assured them their religion the people who did not leave the place to treat 'Daesh' for Christians. But they have migrated all of them before the deadline about Kurdistan and northern Nineveh province, whose capital Mosul.


The deputy for the Christian component Yunadem Kanna, that what is happening in Mosul, the displacement of the right of the Christian component operations as a crime against humanity, destruction and ethnic cleansing.


According to media sources, the organization 'Daesh' robbed and looted all holdings and property of Christian families after their displacement from their home areas and their homes in the city of Mosul, and did not allow them to make something of their belongings even the golden earring of Christian women.


The displacement of Christians in Arab countries


From their homes where they have lived for centuries in the light building citizenship on religious principles to shorten the Muslims, but what a dump the concept of 'identity' of the content of citizenship and belonging, about his religious base of loyalty which led to the migration of many Christian families to Europe and America in search of safety and equality of opportunity and a dignified life.


The religious extremism, which is reflected in the sometimes social deal and hurtful phrases and classifications based on sectarian grounds of religious rights are classified according to the citizen believes the spiritual and personal relationship with our Lord.


And from examples historically displacement, what he did early Muslims, when he abandoned the 'Christians of Najran' of their country in the Arabian Peninsula, to the land allocated for them in the Levant it is worth to remind that Christianity has suffered in all ages and in the New Testament as the second and third centuries represented in Romania and persecutions of Nero as the persecution forms of persecution, which included a fire of Rome, and Dhumicjnos which lasted thirty-seven-year-old.


Since the issuance of the decree the expulsion of Christians from Rome around the year 58 and until the year 312 because of the faith of Christians in Jesus and refusing to worship the Roman emperor and his army service in the eyes of the government, they were disobedient represent a real threat to the state and the emperor's divinity.


The displacement of Kurds in different eras the displacement of Kurds from their areas to try to erase their cultural identity and integrate them into different zones An Iraqi to cut ties to their language and their heritage the feeling of injustice and conspiracy against your nationalism affiliation enhances and creates adverse reactions to defend the heritage and ancestral ties to the land and the language and the right.


Former regime in Iraq, specifically in the seventies and eighties of the last century, has confiscated the property of Kurdish families in the district of Khanaqin, an estimated hundreds of families, 90 km north of Baquba, and its suburbs, including the Jalawla, it has been sold and given to others as for what happened in Hellbjh of genocide.


Bombed by cyanide gas, which led to the deaths of more than 5,500 Kurds from the city's residents. It led to the migration of people who have suffered illnesses and deformities of the impact of these toxins.


In 2013 the population displacement of Kurds from Tel white / Cree city of captivity in Raqqa province, northeast of Syria, by Daesh free and the army is also a kind of doctrinal dispute the fact that these regulations are based on a radical and warped religious ideology Daesh practices and deportation of Kurds Syrian citizens.


In Ain Al Arab-Kobani-area villages and more than 65,000 Syrian Kurdish citizens into the Turkish territories and what Daesh organization terrorist acts of violence and forced displacement of civilians in the Kurdish city of Raqqa, and organizing an attack on the city of Kobani Daesh horrific massacres carried out against the Kurds in Kobani which led to the migration and forced displacement of Kurds.


Previously displacement of Faili Kurds in Taha Yassin Ramadan meeting, which is to bring the merchants of Faili Kurds from the back door of the meeting room, and headed for their bus and immediately, to the Iraqi-Iranian border to expel them from their homeland of Iraq, including their clothes only and topple Iraqi nationality them and half million Kurds Philly else, under a unique decision, issued by the Revolutionary command dissolved Council No. 666 dated 05.07.1980 and published in the   official newspaper Al Waqae No. 2776, was stripped of all property and homes, and supporting documents and their companies and their shops and factories producing.


The displacement of the Yazidis


In Iraq it is currently facing tens of thousands of Alosideh minority of women and children in northern Iraq Sinjar Mountains of starvation after fleeing their homes to protect their lives after he had been subjected to abuses and massacres carried out by religious groups proclaimed an Islamic caliphate in large parts of Syria and Iraq after being sentenced to fatwas legalized their blood and their honor and many of them were killed. And media sources mentioned that they were buried alive by the name of religion and Islam, Yezidi were exposure to a wide displacement operation because fatwas atonement and get out of religion.


The suffering of the Yezidis of displacing and killing, is not new, it was pointed out, and documented historical sources Asideh first extermination campaign during the reign of the Abbasid Caliph Mu'tasim continued campaigns against the Yazidis peaked during the Ottoman rule after the fatwa passed by killing them issued by the Mufti of Constantinople 'Abu Saud Al Emadi' During the reign Ottomans for Iraq the governors of Iraq Ottomans in several campaigns against the Yazidis have suffered collective massacres by the Turks during the Armenian massacres and rolled extermination campaigns and torture during the twentieth century Iraqi royal army has led a clampdown, during and after the declaration of the Republic, during the rule of Saddam Hussein suffered Yazidis and Kurds in northern Iraq campaigns killing and harassment and displacement knew Anfal campaigns.


Displace Sunni Arabs 

Sunni Arabs in Iraq was not spared from torture, religious persecution and sectarian displacement, where he began to displace the operations in Iraq after the occupation in 2003 from the South, where I saw the old Basra and Abu Khasib, Zubair, stronghold displace Organization against Sunni Arabs operations, and spread to other parts of the country, which is still continues to date.


According to political analysts, the displacement of the year aimed at dividing Iraq into sectarian, states in 2003 and beyond, he has been fighting the so-called Sunni Triangle 'which was as representing the headwaters of the Iraqi resistance to the American occupation forces in Iraq under the pretext of terrorism and harboring militants coming from different countries to the war in Iraq.


The sons of the Sunni component were the innocent victims, and carried out the genocide in the very brutality against Sunnis in the neighborhoods of Baghdad, Diyala, Basra, Anbar, Tamim as a result also of the persecution and abuse and murder, he emigrated many Sunnis out of Iraq or to the Sunni provinces completely, Arab Sunnis in Iraq are subjected to crimes of kidnapping and killing and genocide on religious sectarian lines. Located Sunni tribes under the weight of forced displacement and implement physical violations against Sunni Arabs, including the murders of up to ethnic cleansing, looting and stealing and smashing homes level.


Militias systematically or individual also plays a role in the spread of violence between people and tuck greed or personal feuds at the heart of the basic national issues.


As Seen Daesh in the northern Sunni areas of western Iraq and led to the oppression of innocent visits twice a year to organize Daesh terrorist who occupied their lands and robbed of their money and forced them by force on the presence among them and killing and death anyone who does not bow to their orders again, while the wronged people to host Daesh charges and complicity with him because of a few splinter innocent Sunnis who conspired with the terrorist organization and in any case it has become a victim when the Sunnis have lost the safety and displaced from their homes and their interests, their work and their jobs and their livelihoods and was forced migration Sunnis in Iraq in phases due to the migration of Daesh and escape from the organization that persecuted and tire them and migration while clearing areas of Daesh by the military and the civil and military build-up.


What happened in Anbar and Fallujah and Haditha, Mosul, and Salahuddin and Diyala province and country?


Records showed that the annexation of the two provinces 11 and 12 to spend the country after they were belonging to the hand of Yathrib, while classified Tall Al Thahab zone inhabited by Sunni tribal military zone, and keep track of Yathrib Balad in Salahuddin province, was later to sign a document to resolve the outstanding issues in the region ends the return of families displaced in these areas.


That religious and sectarian racism led to the creation of social tension and the moral and educational and transmits the spirit of hostility and hatred.


Justice is the basis of ruling Nor should any citizen has the right to feel that they have a preference not in words and not really, and not even the intellectual belief.


Assessing the citizen is not his race and his religion and doctrine, but of belonging and citizenship and work for the benefit of his country and his people and I hope that the Arab countries or non-Arab who form the minority Sunnis that do justice to the minorities and give everyone his rights as a citizen enjoys full rights like his brother citizens of other communities.


Deportation of Ahwaz Arabs

Ahwaz Arabs Ahwaz subjected to forced displacement, where 1.2 million Arab residents of Ahvaz County in Iran deported to other regions within the country, bringing in 1.5 million non-Arabs in their place.


According to the Ahwaz Human Rights Organization, the head of the region's population robbed of their land and set up by many of the settlements after being confiscated by the Iranian authorities of the Arabs.


The province of Ahwaz live tragic situations where that since the start of implementation of the first phase of the ethnic cleansing project in 1999, And dubbed in Farsi name 'Azmaah Srzmina' means 'ground for experimentation', were deported nearly 1.2 million Arab Ahwazi forcibly returned to the central provinces and in return were brought nearly 1.5 million of non-Arabs, especially Persians to Ahvaz County, It was brokered by the government resettled in settlements such as Ramin 1, 2 and 3 and the settlement of 'Shirin month' built on confiscated Arab land along housed in pockets within the Arab cities, Kalooguz capital and fries and Abadan and Alkhvajip and the port of Bandar-e Mahshahr and Omidiyeh. He stressed that these practices are carried out by the Iranian authorities aimed at stripping the Arab population in the marsh of the national and cultural identity and the elimination of Arabic language and culture.


Last word

Keep operations forced displacement deployed in our Arab countries currently of any kind and the source of threat to peace, the people of this region and threatens the cultural survival of the human and the impact of demographic and social changes, Especially since the displacement associated with ethnic cleansing as defined by international legal agreements that 'ethnic cleansing to expel the residents strongly undesirable from a special province on the back of race or strategic political or religious discrimination or ideological considerations  or mixed backgrounds mentioned. This is carried out using armed force and the policy of intimidation or through arrests, assassinations, and push for forcible deportation to blur the cultural, linguistic and ethnic privacy that place, through the final elimination of ethnic or dissolve in the ocean, which is intended for him to prevail. The ultimate goal is to control the areas inhabited by the group that is being displace.


This legal definition applies perfectly to what is happening in our Arab countries amid global ignored, but with the participation of some of the major international players, which benefit from the fragmentation of the region and sow discord and differences schemes.


And human history confirms that the unity of the people and not to convert their differences to differences but believe that this diversity in the homeland fabric is made of earth worth the risk.


When we are convinced that the land belongs to God and not to one class will teach the confessional and sectarian extremism and what is only a tool for genocide and vandalism.


Love and acceptance of others and not selfish elements of the only power in the face of displacement, the name of religion and the preservation of human and peoples from extinction.


And last but not least, it must cancel all matters relating to religion and creed and caste identities and identification papers and passports and re-integration of citizens of all stripes work of joint cultural and commercial and humanitarian activities, deliberate and intentional re trust and love and brotherhood among the people.


And always to remember that if God wanted us to be one nation in one way and one race and the doctrine of one religion, will not fail to God about it.


(And if your Lord had willed, He could have made mankind one community; but they will not cease to differ ) Hud 118


Sarah Alsouhail, Iraqi Writer and human rights activist. Member of the Arab Federation for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights. Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations UN in 2013.


Ljubljana, October 17, 2016