The round table: EU – the present and the future


In the framework of the "EU and the World" lecture cycle


the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES)


invites You kindly to the round table




EU –the present and the future


which will be held on Thursday, 19 May 2016 at 16.00 h,

in the “Grad” hall of Hotel Lev (13th floor) at Vošnjakova 1, Ljubljana.


What are the short and long term challenges of the European Union (EU)? What resources are at its disposal to deal with the many challenges ahead? What needs to change on the institutional level, so that the EU can take a turn to the better? Where does the EU see itself in the future as a regional union, and where does it see itself on the world stage? The way that the EU faced the economic crisis is well known. The crisis is closely related to the fracturing of economic, social and geopolitical currents. We are witnessing the rise of Asia, a revolution in the sectors of energy and communication, an increase in security threats, refugee / migrant crisis and the development of conceptual society. We know the EU today, but what will it be like tomorrow? What are the prospects for new EU enlargement? At the end we will also touch on Slovenia's position within the EU and its response to these challenges.


Those and other issues will be discussed at the round table by the following experts:


  • Dr Zoran Stančič, Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Slovenia
  • Jožef Horvat (NSi), Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Policy of the National Assembly of Republic of Slovenia
  • Prof. Dr Žiga Turk, former Minister, and former Secretary General of the Reflection Group on the Future of Europe (“group of wise men” chaired by Felipe Gonzalez) -
  • Prof. Dr Mihael Brejc, former Minister and Member of European Parliament


The round table will be held in Slovenian language and moderated by Dr Zijad Bećirović.


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Please take your seat at the hall at the latest by 15.55 h.


Attendance is free of charge. Please confirm your participation at telephone number (01) 430 15 33 or at



Ljubljana, 12 May 2016