The Baghdad assassination of Mithala Al-Alusi and the murder of his two sons

Today, on the 8th of February 2005, the terrorists in Baghdad killed the sons of Mithal Al-Alusi, the leader of the Democratic Party of the Iraqi nation (DPIN), the 30 years old Ayman and the 22 years old Jamal.

Al-Alusi was for almost 30 years one of the leaders of the Iraqi opposition in exile and a founder and a general secretary of the Democratic Party of the Iraqi Nation and a member of the International Institute IFIMES from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Mr. Al-Alusi was one of rare Iraqi politic, who has dedicated almost his entire life to fight for the democratic and free Iraq and Middle east. He has relinquished the life of a successfulness businessman in the FR Germany and has with his family moved to Iraq in order to share the destiny of the Iraqi people and participate in the process of building a free and democratic Iraq.

The world public is being notified on the series of events before the terrorist attack on Mithal Al-Alusi and the murder of his two sons:

  1. It has started on the 12th September 2004, when Mithal Al-Alusi visited Israel as the first Iraqi official personality to do so since the state of Israel was established. He has participated withing the frameworks of the International Institute IFIMES delegation on the International conference on the antiterrorist struggle in Herzliya.
  2. After the return to Iraq the government of Ayad Alawi issued a warrant for his arrest due to his visit to Israel with which Iraq was still officially in was with. Under the pressures of Jewish circles and the media in the U.S.A. the warrant was revoked, but with this move the prime minister Alawi started a 'witch-hunt' and gave to the terrorists a clear sign to kill him.
  3. In all these events the US embassy in Baghdad preserved a neutral stance and did not take any measures with which they would protect Mr. Al-Alusi as leader of a party and a member of the Iraqi parliament.

According to the opinion of the International Institute IFIMES the responsibility for the death of a great man Mithal Al-Alusi, which is not only a tragedy of one person, one family and the IFIMES Institute, but a tragedy of the Iraqi people, which want peace with all the neighbours and the whole world, needs to be looked for as follows:

  1. The International Institute IFIMES demands that the Iraqi prime minister Alawi and the American ambassador in Iraq John Negroponte take responsibility for the assassination that occured today, due to the fact that they have been over the last few months repeatedly warned about the insufficient and inadequate protection and guarding of Mithal Al-Alusi and his family. The prime minister Alawi has after Al-Alusi's return from Israel cancelled his guarding and security services he enjoyed as an Iraqi official personality and as the general director of the Iraqi commission for de-baathication of the country, the position of which he was also relevaid.
  2. The International Institute IFIMES calls upon the American president George W. Bush to revise the role of the largest American embassy in the world (in Baghdad), especially in the segment of anti-terrorist struggle, a claim that is valid also for other American missions over the world, whose work has been recently more and more oftenly criticized.
  3. The International Institute IFIMES is demanding from the American President George W. Bush to make his mandate in the future in the sign of determined anti-terrorist struggle, while every call for more lenient policy of the American administration will be regarded as a sign of US wekness.
  4. The International Institute IFIMES is demanding from the American Secretary of State C. Rice to preserve in her new position the same determinance as she has shown in the position of the National Security Advisor to the President of the U.S.A.

Ljubljana, 08 February, 2005