Presentation of the Best Mayor award

LJUBLJANA, 13 April 2011 - Vice-President of the Council of the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) and former U. S. Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Victor Jackovich today presented "the Best Mayor" award to the Mayor of the Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr. Dragan Pajić.

The IFIMES International Institute has been monitoring and analysing events in Bosnia and Herzegovina for many years. In January and February this year IFIMES carried out a research on the functioning of local communities and mayors in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the research the Mayor of the Brčko District Dr. Pajić was the best Mayor in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Brčko District is an autonomous entity within the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mayor Pajić has proven his management competence in this complex multiethnic environment. The Brčko District has been developing faster than other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is evident among other from the existing and planned investments in this region. The establishment of the regional university centre and the strong connections created by the Brčko District both at the regional and the European levels also represent a very promising project.

The award presentation ceremony was attended by IFIMES members and renowned experts on local self-government Dr. Stane Vlaj, an independent expert for local self-government within the Council of Europe, and Dr. Miloš Senčur, Secretary- General at the Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Slovenia.

Ljubljana, 8 April 2011