Vice-President of the Federation of BiH Dunović visits IFIMES

Zijad Bećirović (left), Milan Dunović (centre), Bakhatyar Aljaf (right)



Vice-President of the Federation of BiH Dunović

visits IFIMES


LJUBLJANA, 17 April 2015 – Directors of the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) Zijad Bećirović and Bakhatyar Aljaf today received Vice-President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milan Dunović


IFIMES directors presented the activities of the Institute in the Balkan and Middle-East regions, with a special emphasis on the activities related to Bosnia and Herzegovina.While individual international organisations have withdrawn from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the IFIMES International Institute has strengthened its presence in the country.This is of special importance in view of the new approach the EU has taken towards Bosnia and Herzegovina.Intensified efforts should be made to achieve economic reconstruction and recovery of the country with the newly elected representatives at all levels of authority focusing on this goal.  IFIMES will support all those political forces and projects dedicated to long-term stabilisation and conciliation and ensuring a better life for all the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  


Vice-President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dunović announced the readiness and eagerness of political structures to ensure better living conditions to all the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to speed up the country's progress to Euro-Atlantic integration.The EU accession process is especially important as it has mobilised most of the country's political forces in achieving a common goal.He stressed the importance of foreign investments and announced that the new authorities will make maximum efforts to create a more favourable environment for investments and employment.Ensuring lasting peace and long-term stability is an ongoing task of all political forces with the aim to create the conditions for conciliation and coexistence between nations within Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region.


During the conversation the representatives exchanged views on current events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region and on the possibilities for promoting economic cooperation between countries in the region.


IFIMES Directors stressed the importance of developing and strengthening friendly relations between the countries for stability and peace in the region.  


A formal dinner was organised in the honour of Vice-President Dunović. Besides the Institute's management the dinner was attended by numerous personalities from the political and business life from Slovenia.  


Ljubljana, 17 April 2015                                                 


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