Kosovo's Minister Demiri visits IFIMES




Kosovo's Minister Demiri visits IFIMES


LJUBLJANA, 17 February 2015 – Director of the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMESZijad Bećirović today received Rasim Demiri, Minister without Portfolio of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo. 

Minister Demiri yesterday took part at the lecture on the “Challenges for Slovenian and EU foreign policy during the crisis period” which was delivered by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia Karl Erjavec and organised by the IFIMES International Institute. During his lecture Minister Erjavec stressed the need for further enlargement of the European Union to other West Balkan states, announcing that Slovenia will together with EU institutions increase its efforts and role in order to assist Kosovo and the West Balkan region in their accession to the EU.  Minister Demiri informed Minister Erjavec of the vital importance of abolishing the visa regime for the citizens of Kosovo in order to ensure their freedom of movement in EU countries, which would provide an additional stimulus for Kosovo's integration in the region and the EU.


After the lecture Minister Demiri joined the gala dinner that was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia Karl Erjavec, the doyen of diplomacy and international relations and President of the IFIMES Advisory Board Budimir Lončar, Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Erdal Trhulj, former President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Ernest Petrič and chairmen of management boards of Slovenian major companies.

At the end of talks with Minister Demiri Director Bećirović stressed that the IFIMES Institute will strengthen its activities in the region and in Kosovo and that it will pay special attention to the role and position of minority communities in the Kosovo society.

Ljubljana, 17 February 2015         

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