The memorial evening: Memories of democratic change - 30 years later


Director of International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Zijad Bećirović will moderate the memorial evening


Memories of democratic change - 30 years later


on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, at 19.00,

at Škrabec Homestead Barn, Hrovača 42, Ribnica.


Thirty years ago Republic of Slovenia, Republic of Croatia and the entire region experienced a democratic transformation, independent states were formed. The guests, who will talk about these democratic changes 30 years ago, are:


  • Milan Kučan, First President of the Republic of Slovenia and


  • Stjepan Mesić, former President of the Republic of Croatia.


Their visibility and reputation goes beyond the borders of their countries, their views, opinions and advices are still important in the wider region. They are still active, some say they have strong political influence. They have triggered processes that continue to exist today, so it will be interesting to hear how they look at these processes today, how they judge them from today's perspective, what they think about the future.


In the relaxed atmosphere we will walk through the path of independence and transition. We will be interested in the future of Slovenia, Croatia, the EU and the Western Balkan region. We will also discuss current state relations, how to find common solutions and ensure a better future.


The event will be in Slovene/Croatian.


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Please take your seat at the hall at the latest by 18.55 h.


Attendance is free of charge but we kindly ask you to confirm your participation at telephone number (01) 430 15 33 or at


Ljubljana, 19 May 2019