Al-Kharafi to visit Slovenia

Mr. Hussain Al-Kharafi is coming to Slovenia at the invitation of the IFIMES International Institute and RIKO GROUP. According to the list of the world's richest people by the Forbes magazine, the Al-Kharafi family is ranked at the 29th place.

During his visit to Slovenia from 1 to 20 December 2006 Mr. Al-Kharafi will learn about the economic possibilities for Slovenia's co-operation with Kuwait and the Gulf states and the opportunities for joint investments in the Balkan region. He will meet the representatives of some Slovenian companies, especially in the field of logistics and steel industry, and the representatives of the Slovenian state.

The visit will culminate in the establishment of the Slovenian-Kuwaiti economic forum which will be presided on the Kuwaiti side by Mr. Hussain Al-Kharafi and on the Slovenian side by Mr. Janez Škrabec, President of RIKO GROUP. The function of the forum general secretary will be held by Mr. Bakhtyar Aljaf. The leading Slovenian companies will participate in the forum activities.

Hussain Al-Kharafi is also President of the Kuwaiti industrial association.

Ljubljana, 14 December 2006