Bakhtyar ALJAF

  • Journalist
  • Ambassador of knowledge

       Assist. Prof. Zijad BEĆIROVIĆ, Ph.D.

  • MA, degree in economics
  • Master's degree in Communication Science
  • PhD in Economics
  • Ambassador of knowledge

  • An expert in Islamism, Judaism and intercultural communication

Camilla Habsburg - Lothringen

  • director for Euro-Mediterranean Diplomacy and Intercultural Affairs (EDIA)
    Euro-Mediterranean Diplomacy and Intercultural Affairs - See more at:


Stjepan MESIĆ


dr. Craig T. SMITH - President

Principal, Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates

  • Craig Smith has more than 25 years of management, governmental and political experience at the national, state and local level and has proven success in managing multimillion-dollar operations.
  • He served as White House Political Director and Assistant to Bill Clinton, where he advised the President and coordinated the political activities of the President and First Lady.
  • Mr. Smith has served in a variety of political positions, including Campaign Director of Lieberman for President 2004, Campaign Manager for Gore 2000, Political Director of the 1996 Clinton&Gore campaign, Political Director of the Democratic National Committee.
  • Internationally, Mr. Smith has been directly involved in political campaigns in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Nigeria, Columbia, Mauritius, Indonesia, Bermuda, Barbados, and Estonia.
  • Mr. Smith received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration from the University of Arkansas in 1980, with an emphasis in the field of economics, and a Juris Doctorate in 1982 from the same institution.

Jamie SHEA

dr. Jamie SHEA

  • Dr. Jamie Shea is NATO Deputy ASG for Emerging Security Challenges 
  • He was Director of the Office of Information and Press of NATO from 2000-2003, and in May 2003 was appointed to the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary General for External Relations in the new Public Diplomacy Division. He was also NATO Spokesman from 1993 to 2000.
  • In addition to his NATO responsibilities, Jamie Shea also holds a number of academic positions, most notably with the Collège d’Europe, Bruges, and the Brussels School of International Studies of the University of Kent, Canterbury.
  • Jamie Shea completed his doctoral studies in Philosophy at Oxford University in 1981. He also holds a Bachelor of Art from Sussex University in History and French.

prof. dr. Munther AL FADHAL

  • PhD of Civil Law and Expert on Middle East Laws
  • Member of Iraqi Bar Association, Baghdad, 1972
  • Member of Democracy working Group, USA State Dept, 2001
  • Senior advisor at CPA - Baghdad, 2003
  • Member of CELLE Institute (American Bar Association), Prague, 2004
  • Member of Iraqi National Assembly, Baghdad, 2005
  • Member of Iraqi Constitutional Committee, 2005

Dr. Torhan Al-Mufti

Adviser of the President of Iraq 2014-2016

  • President of the Secretariat of the Supreme Commission for Coordination between the provinces - Government of the Republic of Iraq

  • Minister of Communication 2012-2014                    

  • Minister of Provinces Affairs 2010-2014
  • B.Sc. Geology, 1994, Mosul University (The Third on the Stage)
  • M.Sc. Geochemistry (environmental), 1996, Mosul University
  • Ph.D. Remote Sensing - Geochemistry, 2002, Mosul University
  • Memberships of International society of Iraqi scientist, since 2007
  • Memberships of American association of petroleum geologist, since 2007 (AAPG)


  • Attorney from Ljubljana
  • Main fields of interest are in commercial law and public procurment




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