Advisory board



Budimir LONČAR



  • President of the Council on Foreign Affairs and International Relations of Croatian President. Josipovic 2010 - 2014

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia 1987-1991

  • Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General in the Non-Aligned Movement, New York, Jakarta

  • Vice President, World Council of Former Foreign Ministers

  • Special Adviser to the President of the Republic of Croatia, Stjepan Mesic, 2004-2010

  • Yugoslavia ambassador in Washington, Bonn and Jakarta





Zoran ŽIVKOVIĆ, Vice-President

Former Prime Minister

of the Republic of Serbia



 Prof. Dr. Ernest PETRIČ, Vice-President

 former President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia


Dr. Amrith Rohan PERERA


Ambasador Sastrohandoyo WIRYONO



General Blagoje GRAHOVAC


Ambasador Dr. Haim KOREN






Dr.Ibrahim KALIN



State Senator, Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Abdulaziz Othman ALTWAIJRI

Director General of the ISESCO





 Dr Hannes Swoboda

 Irving Levance

Secretary-General of the Intergovernmental Organization EDU

 General (ret.) Corneliu Pivariu


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