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IFIMES – International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan studies, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC/UN since 2018. IFIMES is also the publisher of the biannual international scientific journal European Perspectives. IFIMES gathers and selects various information and sources on key conflict areas in the world. The Institute analyses mutual relations among parties with an aim to promote the importance of reconciliation, early prevention/preventive diplomacy and disarmament/ confidence building measures in the regional or global conflict resolution of the existing conflicts and the role of preventive actions against new global disputes.


Idea to establish IFIMES Institute is a reflection of our common reality and the needs of the world to reach for common solutions – now more than ever in the past. Common interests and bonds among different policies, nations, religions, world regions and diverse interest parties in are essential.


The area of research and work of IFIMES Institute is the Middle East (MENA-Middle East and North Africa) and the Balkans (South-Eastern Europe), where relations among different entities are additionally puzzled by the religious, ethnic, national and racial grounds. Associates of the Institute are respected experts, scientists, managers, journalists and researchers, who are introducing younger colleagues from all over the world to work, with a purpose of additional education, promotion of knowledge and scientific achievements with an emphasis on the political and economic connections within the region, among the regions and on the global level.


The IFIMES Institute is through organizing seminars, symposiums, conferences, round tables, (with participants from various interest groups: scientists, politicians, business leaders, representatives of religious institutions, journalists, artists and others), performing analyses, studies, fact-finding missions and projects, as well as through its own publications presenting the results of its work and achievements, also targeting leading international policy and opinion makers.


IFIMES extensively cooperates with relevant institutions from Europe, America, Asia and the MENA-Balkans (South-Eastern Europe) on projects, studies and analyses.The think-tank activities of IFIMES are especially directed towards the areas of international (foreign) politics and economy, international relations, counselling the state institutions as well as the non-state actors such as the academia and corporate entities.


IFIMES is searching for and recommending political solutions to the governments of the world, especially and foremost those related to the reconciliation, early prevention/preventive diplomacy and disarmament/confidence building measures primarily for the Balkans and the Middle East, but also well beyond these geopolitical theatres.

The International Institute IFIMES is a partner of:

● International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA), Laxenburg, Austria


● University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


● World Security Network, New York


● Gulf State Analytics (GSA), Washington DC


● Globalvision News Network, New York


● Mejdunarodniyi obchestveniyi fond »Eksperimentalniyi tvorcheskiyi centr«, Kurginyana Center, Moscow


● Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS), Tirana, Albania


● Ingepo Consulting, Braşov, Romania


● EU-China Economics & Politics Institute, Praha, Czech Republic


● Balkan Communication Network (BCN)


● Center for Strategic Research of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey (SAM), Ankara, Turkey


● Institute on Advanced Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences (IsAG), Rome, Italy


● Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS), Athens, Greece


● Center for International Relations (CIR), Washington, DC (USA)


● Biznis plus (Business plus) Ljubljana-Zagreb-Beograd-Sarajevo-Podgorica-Skopje


● The Intergovernmental Organization (EDU), Brussels, Belgium


● Methodologica Universitas (MU), Paris, France


● HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light), Seoul, South Korea


● OstWestWirtschaftsForum Bayern eV (OWWF), München, Bavaria, Germany 


● GIPRI – Geneva, Switzerland (Geneva International Peace Research Institute)


● Swiss UMEF University, Geneva, Switzerland


● Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS), Athens, Greece


● The Geneva Desk for Cooperation (GDCOO), Geneva, Switzerland


● Centro de Estudios, Formación e Información de América Latina – Unión Europea (CEFIAL-UE), Lima, Peru


The Global Development Network from Washington has marked the relevancy of the researches performed by the International Institute IFIMES with the relevancy rate of 93,00%.



President of IFIMES Council: H.E. Dr Craig T. Smith, former Political Director of The White House

Directors: Dr. Zijad Bećirović and Bakhtyar Aljaf

President of IFIMES Advisory Board: H.E. Budimir Lončar, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of SFR Yugoslavia.

Honorary President: H.E. Stjepan Mesić, former President of the Republic of Croatia

Representation at the United Nations Organization/ECOSOC in New York - Head: Irena Mernik Knee.


International Institute IFIMES has five special Departments:

● Department for Strategic Studies on Asia (DeSSA) Vienna, Austria - Head: Prof. Dr. Anis H. Bajrektarevic, Head od IFIMES Office Vienna, Austra

● Department for economy and business studies (DeEBS) - Head: Prof. Dr. Vlado Dimovski

● Department for local and regional studies (DeLORS) - Head: Prof. Dr. Miloš Senčur

● Department for Euro-Mediterranean Diplomacy and Intercultural Affairs (EDIA) – Head Camilla Habsburg-Lothringen.

● Representation at the United Nations Organization/ECOSOC in New York - Head: Irena Mernik Knee.

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